In the autumn of 2015, a picture appeared on the screens"Crimson peak" from the director of the films "Labyrinth of the Faun" and "The Devil's Ridge" by Guillermo del Toro. The famous director has not changed himself, once again creating a bold Gothic masterpiece that will take a worthy place in the collection of any film-man.

purple peak actors and roles

The creators of the film

Like every scene or plot of the movie "Crimson Peak" (2015), the actors and roles were selected by Guillermo del Toro very carefully, so that the screen exactly embodied the idea he had planned.

Preparing to shoot a picture of ghosts beganback in 2012. It was originally planned that in the movie "Crimson Peak" the actors and roles played by them will be as follows: Emma Stone will embody the character Edith, and Benedict Cumberbatch will play Thomas Sharpe. But in the long run, the alleged performers of the lead roles dropped out of the project, and it was necessary to search for their replacement. But it did not take long, because many talented actors are ready to collaborate with such a director as Guillermo del Toro.

In the movie "Crimson Peak" actors and roleswere distributed as follows: the role of writer Edith went to the young actress Mie Vasikovskaya, which most viewers know by the role of Alice in the films "Alice in Wonderland" and "Alice in the Looking Glass" by Tim Burton, the role of Thomas Sharpe went to British actor Tom Hiddleston, film "The Avengers", and his sister Lucille - Jessica Chestane, who played a major role in the mystical thriller "Mama".

The role of Edith's father, businessman Carter Cushing, was performed by Jim Beaver, the star of the series "Supernatural" and "Deadwood."

One of the main roles in the film embodied CharlieHannam. The audience knows him from the fantastically fighter "Pacific Frontier" and the drama "Hooligan" by Lexi Alexander. In "Crimson Peak" Charlie Hannam played the role of Alan McMichael, a young curious doctor and best friend of Edith.

A small role for Detective Holly, who is trying to learn more about Thomas Sharpe and his sister, was played by Bern Gorman, who became world famous thanks to the series "The Game of Thrones".

film purple peak actors and roles

As the director and screenwriter Guillermo del Toro made. He wrote more than 10 versions of the script before proceeding to the shooting.

At the end of 2013, for the movie "Crimson Peak" actors and roles were approved, and the shooting process began. Filming took place in Canada, in the cities of Kingston and Toronto.


The main heroine of the film is a young, hopeful girl named Edith, who writes gothic novels and dreams of becoming a great writer.

One day Edith meets Thomas Sharpe - Englishruined aristocrat. Edith falls in love with an attractive young man. After the wedding, Thomas takes Edith to England to his estate, which in the district is called "Crimson Peak."

Edith will soon realize that her new home is a monasteryfear and death. At night ghosts come out of the walls, who are trying to save Edith from the deadly danger. They are the only ones who can tell that her lover is not who she says she is.

crimson peak 2015 actors and roles


The picture "Crimson peak", actors and roles, were highly appreciated by critics. The famous American horror writer Stephen King called the picture "gorgeous and damn scary."

Despite the high rating on the viewing sitesand positive reviews of critics for the film "Crimson Peak", the actors (and the roles played successfully by them, in this did not help) received no awards. But, without a doubt, they still have many successful projects ahead of them.