Actors of the film "Pompeii" played on the screensserious drama: against the background of the death of the famous city, two of his enamored residents are trying to save their feelings. The creators of the picture have placed in an hour and a half a lot of storylines and spent $ 100 million to translate the idea. But did the historical tape succeed in catching the hearts of spectators and critics?

A short story, the creators of the picture

The action of the film "Pompeii" unfoldsapproximately in 79 AD. Milo - the son of noble Englishmen - after years of slavery falls into the great Roman city of Pompeii to fight within the walls of his amphitheater as a gladiator. In the new place, the protagonist gets acquainted with the beautiful townspeople Cassia. Despite the sympathy, there can not be a relationship between them because of the difference in the class position. Communication with the girl ends for Milo with a whipping.

Pompeii movie actors
The script of the film includes a whole panoramacity ​​life: here are raised and the problems of slavery, and describes the cruelty of the Roman senators, and the general mood in the city. However, everything - intrigues, evil, friendship, love and hatred - disappears at a time when the city covers the sea of ​​fiery lava.

Actors of the film "Pompeii" are mostly unknown performers. On the general background, except perhaps Kerry-Ann Moss, who is well familiar to viewers on the trilogy "Matrix".

The project was directed by Paul Anderson, creator of the franchise "Resident Evil" with Milla Jovovich in the title role.

Keith Harington as Milo

"Pompeii" is a film, the actors of which are nothave become familiar on large screens. For example, Keith Harington (the lead role) is known only to fans of the series "Games of Thrones": the artist has been regularly removed from this project for 6 years.

pompeii film actors

The success of Harington in feature-length cinema is not yet great. In 2012, he appeared in the horror film "Silent Hill-2", and in 2014 played a supporting role in the adventure fantasy "The Seventh Son."

The hero of Harington in the drama "Pompeii" is a certain Milo, the son of the leader of the Celtic tribe. The parents of the young man were brutally murdered by the Romans, and the boy himself was turned into a slave.

Almost 17 years Milo has entertained the notable Romangentlemen, fighting in the arena. When the young man was transported to Pompeii, on the stage of the local amphitheater, he was forced to fight with his own friend. For an innocent walk with her beloved girl, Milo was beaten with whips. The cup of patience of the warlike Celtic was overfilled, so during the next gladiatorial battles he raised a riot against the local senator Corvus.

Unfortunately, it was too late to change anything: streams of fiery lava flooded Pompeii. Defeating his enemies, Milo died with his beloved.

"Pompey" (film 2014): the actors. Emily Browning as Cassia

Emily Browning is an Australian model and actress. At the age of 10, she began her film career with the role of Opel Ritchie in the series "Echo of Thunder". The era of serials continued for Browning until 2001. Then she received small roles in the comedy "The Man Who Tried with God" and the thriller "Ghost Ship".

For the first time with the real stars of Hollywood Emilyhappened to cooperate in 2003, when she entered the main cast of the film "Banda Kelly." Heath Ledger (Brokeback Mountain), Orlando Bloom (Lord of the Rings) and Jeffrey Rush (Frida) took part in the same project. Also the name of the actress is often mentioned in connection with her participation in Zak Snyder's action film "Prohibited Reception". The tape turned out to be scandalous and was defeated by critics, but this only added to the director's fame.

Actors of the film "Pompeii" Emily Browning and KeithHarington played the lovers, who were not originally destined to be together because of their belonging to different social classes. However, the protagonists did not have long to worry about this: soon the city was lost because of the fatal volcanic eruption together with the unhappy young couple.

Actors, the role of the film "Pompeii": Kiefer Sutherland as Senator Corvus

In any film, there is a main antagonist, which is the cause of all ills. In the drama of Pompeii, Kiefer Sutherland, the role of the Roman senator, acted as such an anti-hero.

pompeya movie 2014 actors
Actors of the film "Pompeii" K. Sutherland and K. Harington embodied on the screens images of old opponents. First senator Corvus killed his parents, Milo, was the reason for his long wanderings and humiliations. Then he continued to mock the young man already in Pompeii.

However, Milo along with other gladiators raiseda rebellion against Roman power. A few minutes before the death of Pompey, the militant Celtic killed the Roman senator personally, punishing Corvus for all his atrocities.

Kiefer Sutherland - Canadian, winnernumerous prestigious prizes. However, all the prominent work of the actor remained in the 80-90's. In the 2000s, it can be noted that the project "Taking the Lives", "The Guard" and "Pompeii".

Other performers of roles

actors of the role of the movie pompeii
The actors of the film "Pompey" are also Kerry-Anne Moss andJared Harris. In the historical film, they played the parents of Cassia, Milo's lover. Severus and Aurelius also, in a sense, became victims of Corvus: the Roman senator showed a rather immodest attention to the heroine Kerry-Anne Moss, and in the finale killed her husband.

Kerry-Ann Moss is known throughout the world asthe performer of the role of Trinity from the trilogy "Matrix". Jared Harris starred in many interesting films, including "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" and "Sherlock Holmes: The Game of Shadows."

Also in the frame you can see Adevale Akinuoye-Agbaje ("The Mummy Returns"), Jessica Lucas ("She is a Man") and Pasu Vega ("10 Steps to Success").

The reaction of viewers and critics

The creators of the picture certainly expected to collectat the box office a fabulous amount, as, for example, collected peplum "300 Spartans". But that did not happen. "Pompeii" could cover the cost of film production and bring the company Lionsgate on top of just $ 17 million.

In 2015, Kiefer Sutherland for the role of Corvus received a nomination for "Golden Raspberry". 80% of the world's reviews of the film were written in a negative way.

The audience also did not show the proper loyalty to thepeplum. The audience was not impressed by the acting, and the story seemed too lusciously beautiful and predictable. Enthusiastic reviews were heard only about the costumes, decorations and technical realization of the idea. Perhaps, if the director and producers did not rely only on expensive special effects, and thought about the plot as well - the picture would have a higher rating.