In the world film industry subgenregangster-police militants is one of the most popular and popular. Many directors create this style, making a win-win bet on the image of the actors invited to the main roles.

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Police thriller of 2003 with V. Diesel

The film director F. Gary Gray "The Loner" (actors of the first plan: V. Diesel, L. Tate, T. Oliphant) did not have success in the American box office. Reviews of film critics and a number of ordinary people also were rather ambiguous. According to IMDb, the militant about the avenging police officer has a rating of 6.10. According to the reviewers, the actors involved in the production of the film were not able to pull out the film "Lonely" from the "swamp of stamps". Almost every episode of the tape is familiar to an endless set of similar opuses. Sometimes you even want to sympathize with the textured and colorful performer of the leading role of Vin Diesel ("Fast and the Furious", "The Black Hole", "The Chronicles of Riddick", "The Three X's"). Although as a result, the actor achieves almost impossible, prompting viewers to feel sincere sympathy for their character, who aspires in any way to prove his own rightness. In the performance interpretation of Vin Diesel, the protagonist Sean Vetter turns out to be an unusual person.

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Russian criminal thriller of 2010

Directed by Sergei Shcherbin in 2010, commissioned by NTVhe removes the genre film "The Loner" (actors-performers of the leading roles: D. Kozlovsky, Y. Tsapnik, A. Kuznetsov), who despite a small budget, usual serialization and sad soundtrack from Yuri Shevchuk receives a significant rating - IMDb: 7.50. The main trump of the project, according to domestic film critics, is the story line and the actor who played the main role. Danila Kozlovsky is one of the leading contemporary performers, he regularly starred in the national cinema. Two years ago, the actor made his debut in the Hollywood project of M. Waters fantasy action movie with elements of horror "The Academy of Vampires". The most significant works of Kozlovsky are roles in the tapes Hardcore, We are from the Future, Legend No. 17 and Single. Actors-colleagues of the artist prophesy to him a brilliant career in the world and domestic film industry.

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French criminal thriller with Jean-Paul Belmondo

Strangely enough, but the directing work of Jacques DereThe insurgent "Loner" (actors: J.-P. Belmondo, J.-P. Malo, M. Bon) has a very low IMDb rating: 5.70. According to film critics, the film has an extremely simple, typically secondary plot scheme. The action takes place extremely sluggishly, without being compensated by the obligatory genre components - shooting, pursuits and brawls, they take up too little space in the tape timing. On the outstanding director's arrangement of the secondary plot and speech can not be. It seems that the director, decided to construct an action film in the dialogue of the protagonists, in the order of a creative experiment, hoping that commercial success will be ensured by the presence of the irresistible Jean-Paul Belmondo ("Professional", "Monster", "Magnificent"). And Jacques Dere has not lost: for the joy of a new meeting with the famous actor, the audience has forgiven the director of all negligence. Action "Loner": actors and roles, plot twists and turns, intrigue and culmination are familiar and loved by fans of this genre.