In 2004, the first television screensepisode of the multi-series project "Soldiers". For many years the film has formed around itself a multimillion army of fans. Even today, the army saga continues to be a real hit. However, until now not all fans of the series know in which city they shot "Soldiers". Also, the audience is interested in the performers of the main roles, interesting facts about the shooting and much more. We will try to shed light on everything connected with the popular project.

Briefly about the plot

where soldiers were filmed

In the center of the plot of the series are tworecruits - an ordinary country boy Kuzya Sokolov and Moscow major Misha Medvedev. At the beginning, the newly arrived soldiers suffer from "grandfathers". However, they quickly join the collective.

Soon, Medvedev is fastened romanticrelationship with a local nurse called Irina. Major Kolobkov is involved in the struggle to conquer the girl's heart. An inexperienced recruit begins an unofficial war with a strict officer. In the end, fate puts everything in its place. Medvedev is commissar from the army. However, during this time the viewer has time to get acquainted with a whole mass of interesting characters that fall into a string of funny stories and comic situations.

Where did you shoot the series "Soldiers"? In what city?

shot soldiers in what city

As can be seen from the footage of the film, work on histhe creation was not conducted in the pavilion. Where did you shoot the series "Soldiers-1"? The place of action was the site in the Krasnogorsky district, near the village of Nakhabino. Here the founders of the series found a real military unit. And at the time of filming, the object where the "Soldiers" were filmed was still valid. This allowed the authors of the series to bring the conditions to the real army as close as possible, as well as to avoid the use of sham decorations.

Features of the shooting process

where they shot the show soldiers

The work on the creation of the film was conducted under thethe direction of the director Sergey Arlanov. The director ordered to carefully prepare the site, where they shot the "Soldiers". As a requisite, real military attributes were used. There has never been a routine, according to which the real soldiers are serving. At the same time, recruits who participated in the crowd, often got the opportunity to absent themselves from the performance of their direct duties, rest and entertain.

It is noteworthy that the main part of the props,which was required for the film, was provided by the military unit, where the "Soldiers" were filmed. All this allowed us to achieve the ultimate level of realism on the screen.

The director of the tape tried to reflect the spirit of "cheerful"army. As for the demonstration of violence on the screen, everything was just a matter of minor hazing. As a result, a rather amusing series turned out, which did not attempt to purposely ridicule the army and find its shortcomings. The main task of the authors of the project was to create a film, which will appeal to viewers of different sex and age.


where they filmed the show soldiers in which city

The authors of the series came very seriously tothe choice of the main actors. The project approved only those artists who had experience of serving in the armed forces. It was such skills that were useful to the actor Roman Madyanov, who played Viktor Kolobkov.

In turn, Alexey Maklakov, whoappeared on the screen as ensign Shmatko, served in the army only a short section. The general term of his stay in the army barracks was just over six months. The actor himself tries not to spread again about what forced him to leave the service.

It should be noted that initially for the role of PaulBorodin in the series claimed professional artists Alexander Porohovshchikov and Nikolai Chindyaykin. However, soon on the set was a real soldier Boris Shcherbakov. Here he came at the invitation of his own commander, who was interested in the work on the series. Directors of the film noticed the bright type of Boris and invited him to participate in one of the scenes. From the first minutes Shcherbakov managed to get along perfectly well with the image of brave commander Pavel Borodin. Thus, the man soon had a chance to retrain from the military to the actors.

Vyacheslav Grishechkin, who got the imageLieutenant-Colonel Starokon, in his youth he got into the army immediately after the graduation from the theatrical institute. The artist notes that he liked the service. He especially liked to create geodesic signs.

Actor Alexei Oshurkov (Lieutenant Colonel Zubov),since 1984, he served in the naval forces. Here he reached the rank of sergeant, after which he was demobilized. According to the artist, this experience should be experienced by every guy who wants to become a real man.

Interesting Facts

  • Serial "Soldiers" retained the highest television ratings for as many as 16 seasons. During this time 537 series were shot, which became an absolute record for the domestic cinema.
  • During the work on the project, about 750 different actors passed through the set.
  • On the territory of the military unit, where the "Soldiers" were filmed, a total of about 500 separate infrastructure objects were captured on the camera.
  • At the headquarters of the project, which in its time was a real barracks, for the entire period of work on the film actors were eaten more than 28,000 dinners.
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