If you are interested in the question of how to drawanime girl, then this article is for you. It shows the algorithm of work and some secrets of obtaining the desired result. So, arm yourself with sharp pencils, an eraser and a piece of paper and get to work!

How to draw a girl anime step by step?

Step 1. Skeleton of the image. Drawing begins with the fact that the author makes sketches, determining the location of the head, body, hands and feet. To do this, hold the light lines, as shown in the figure below.

how to draw an anime girl

Step 2. Now you can start to depict the body of the character.

How to draw an anime girl: head

We will depict the head in the form of "three quarters". To do this, draw a circle so that the vertical auxiliary line is shifted to the left. So:

1. Determine the place where the chin should be, and draw a small dash there.

2. Draw two tangents from the sides of the circle to its ends.

3. Based on the drawn lines, draw rounded triangles, forming the cheeks of the character.

4. Draw eyes, mouth and nose.

how to draw an anime girl head

How to draw an anime girl: hair

An anime character's hair may be verydiverse. It can be dissolved or assembled into a neat tail. To make the result look more beautiful, it is recommended to create small details of hair, grouping them into strands. And should form a hair. The tip of the strand should curl more strongly below, so the overall appearance is more interesting. Details of hair can be as much as imagination allows.

how to draw anime girl hair

How to draw anime girl: body

From the head gently napping the neck. When drawing the shoulders, do not forget that one of them should be shorter than the other, because the anime character we paint is standing sideways to us. Make light outlines of the waist.

how to draw an anime girl in stages

The biggest difficulty at this stage -draw a chest. It can turn out to be unnatural and similar to balloons. To avoid this, follow our advice. The thing is that you need to clearly know the shape and location of the breasts. They should look like inverted cups or halves of a sphere. Now let's talk about the location. Imagine a vertical line running through the center of the body from head to foot. Breasts should be placed at an angle of 45 degrees relative to it and somewhere in the middle of the chest.

Step 3. Now you need to draw the hands of an anime heroine. If there are no problems in creating a picture of the humerus and forearms, then in the image of brushes there can be difficulties. To understand the location of the fingers on the hand, let's analyze the algorithm for drawing the hand with the spread fingers:

1. First draw an oval and put a point in the center of its lower part.

2. From her spend five straight (future fingers).

3. Fill them with flesh. The index finger and the ring finger should be almost equal in length. The little finger ends on the upper joint of the ring finger. The thumb should be of this length to reach the index finger. Focusing on the above, draw the desired shape of the brush. At this stage, you can start drawing clothes, but you can do it later.

how to draw an anime girl hand

Step 4. Next, draw an anime girl's legs. For this, hips and shins are first represented as small cylinders, then they are already corrected. The front part of the foot can be formed as a half of the nut, and the heel - a rounded shape. On this basis, you can get the desired result.

how to draw an anime girl legs

Step 5. If you have not painted clothes yet, do it now.

Step 6. When the outline is ready, circle the drawing with a black marker.

how to draw an anime girl in stages

Step 7. The final step: remove the eraser unnecessary lines.

how to draw an anime girl with a pencil
Now you know how draw an anime girl with a pencil. Drawing can be accurately shaded or painted. For example, as shown in the photo above.