Every person to enjoyHis free time, he chooses to watch a movie or a TV show. At night we usually like to tickle our nerves, looking through different horror films. When we have a great mood, we want to laugh. So we choose a comedy. And someone likes to solve secrets together with the main character. Such people give preference to detectives. A man in love will always choose a love melodrama. In our article today we will talk about the movie "Cornflowers". It is definitely worth a look for romantics and those who believe in the power of love.

What is the film "Cornflowers" about?

cornflower actors
In the famous melodrama "Cornflowers" actors were shot in a small village, which is located near the Tver region.

The film was very fond of Russians. And this is not surprising: in the movie "Cornflowers" actors played their roles so well that the audience simply forgot their problems and concerns. They sympathized with the heroes of melodrama. After all, different situations occurring in the film, in one form or another are familiar to each of us.

The plot of the film tells about the life of two loving hearts, about how they had to fight for their happiness. And in the end, fate brought them together.

The actors of your favorite movie

The tape went on screens in 2012 and won great popularity.

In the melodrama "Cornflowers" the actors were selectedsuccessfully. In the lead roles are involved such actors as the incomparable Elena Shilova (the role of Oli Ryabinina); handsome Ivan Zhidkov (Vasily Vershkov); Petr Baranchyev (Victor); Anna Silchuk (Julia); Denis Vasiliev (Peter).

According to biographical data, E. Shilova, twenty-nine, is known to us on such films as "The Eldest Wife" (2016), "Debts of Conscience" (2016), "Sun as a gift" (2015).

Ivan Zhidkov was shot in the following films: "The Dark World" (2010), "Sonata for Faith" (2015) and "Alien Happiness" (2016). Handsome actor is married, has two children.

In addition to them, TatyanaZhukov-Kirtbaya (the role of the grandmother of the main heroine of Olga), Julia Yurchenko (Vera), Lyudmila Ulanova, Lyudmila Titova, Julia Piven, Valentina Ananyina, Yury Loparev, Dmitry Kudelin, Alexei Kirsanov, Irina Pomerantseva and many others. Very well played by their characters actors of childhood: Anastasia Morozova (the role of Olga's daughter - Alenka) and Max Biryukov (son of Olya - Vasenka). Despite their young age, they coped with their task and discovered in the future the path to cinematography.

Reviews of TV viewers

cornflower actors and roles
In the movie "Cornflowers" actors and roles that theyperformed, were able to captivate the viewer. The audience appreciated the tape with high scores and left a lot of good reviews. Hook himself the plot of the film, in which there is love, and betrayal, and loyalty, and suffering, and pain. Of course, the ending of the melodrama was happy. All this captured the average viewer. Even when the film "Cornflowers" was shot, the actors admitted that the plot is very vital. Such a situation, in which the main heroine fell, can happen to anyone. I would like to hope that in the future there will be a continuation of the film with the participation of the same actors.