Today we will discuss the film "I am the fourth". Actors and roles will be given below. It's about a fantastic adventure thriller, created by director Dee Jay Caruso. The painting is based on the same name by James Frey and Joby Hughes. They write using the pseudonym Pittacus Lor. The premiere of the painting took place in 2011.


I'm the fourth actor and role
First, we will discuss the story of the tape "I am the fourth". Actors and roles will be named below. The narrative begins by killing one of the aliens who went to Earth. They came from the planet Laurian. The latter was conquered by the Mogadorians - space invaders. As soon as one extraterrestrial dies, another representative of this planet has a special mark, it is a burn on his leg. The main character has a third sign of this kind. This means that he is the next. He reports this to Henry - his guardian.

Key players

We continue the conversation about the film "I am the fourth". Actors and roles of the first plan will be presented in this section.
Alex Pettyfer played John Smith. It's about the English actor and model. Known for his participation in the film "Gromoboy". For this work he was nominated for the Young Actor Prize, as well as the Empire. In addition, he played in the film "Scary Beautiful". Born in Stevenage. Son model Lee Irland and actor Richard Pettifer. Mother and father lived together not for long. Three years after the birth of Alex, Lee Airland married a businessman. The actor has a stepbrother, whose name is James Ireland. He is a tennis player.

Dianna Agron played the role of Sarah. It's about the American actress and singer. The most famous was due to participation in the series "Choir", in which Quinn Fabre played. She was born in the city of Savannah. She grew up in Texas. Ronald S. Agron - her father is a Jew who is the general manager of Hyatt Hotels. Mother Mary accepted Judaism. In three years I was engaged in dances. Started to work. She became a dance teacher.

Timothy Oliphant embodied the image of Henry. The actor gained the greatest popularity thanks to roles in the films "Hitman", "Justice" and "Deadwood".

Second plan

movie I'm the fourth actors and roles
We continue to discuss the film "I am the fourth". Actors and supporting roles are listed below. Kevin Durand played the commander of the Mogadorians. Teresa Palmer performed the role of Jane Doe.

There are several important actors in thethe movie "I'm the Fourth." Actors and roles - this is a question, when considering which one can not fail to mention Callan McAuliffe. This man transferred to the screen the image of Sam Hood. Jake Abel played Mark James. Judith Hoag embodied the image of Sarah's mother.