In the era of modern, constantly improvingfinancial instruments it is difficult for anyone to surprise with the appearance of new payment systems that operate with large amounts. However, the programmer under the pseudonym of Satoshi Nakamoto succeeded. In 2009, he published the source code of his project. It is this date that can be considered the beginning of the existence of the Bitcion payment system.

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The word is quite unusual for hearing, because itnever used before. But, despite this and a number of other paradoxes, this financial tool has been gaining popularity ever since the beginning of its existence, and today a rather large audience of the Internet space already knows about it. Why else need a currency, except to earn it and spend it? It is for this reason that with the introduction into the global space of tools for its extraction (the so-called bitcoin acquisition) huge masses of users have rushed to master the treasured "coins". Many only know about the existence of bitcoin, how to earn this currency, while not present. There are several ways to get it, including those where investments are not required. About where to earn bitcoin, and will be discussed in this article.

What is Bitcoin

Bitcoin stands for: bit is a unit of information, and coin is a coin. If we talk about what Bitcoin is in practice, it is a universal payment system that does not have a single center and, as a consequence, one owner. In fact, bitcoins are available to everyone who uses them, that is, they extract and spend. It's hard to put it in your head, but the principle of work is just that. Another paradox is that this currency has no official purse.

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There are many services that providestorage services for bitcoin, for example Here, at registration, a long individual address is issued, which can be indicated in various services for earning a given crypto currency. This is done for the reason that the potential audience of currency - the whole world, so that the address should be enough for everyone. After it came out to earn a lot of bitcoin, you can send them to your wallet, and then exchange them for another currency, which is used everywhere. What is the reason for the popularity of this money? Probably, first of all their novelty and unusual. After all, until now no one has ever tried to create something like this - money that does not have real value. Another important point is the anonymity of use. At the same time, all transactions are visible to users, but none of them can track who made transfers to whom.

The Bitcoin Story

Development of the project was started in 2007,but for the first time he saw the light in 2009. The developer (or a group of developers) under the pseudonym of Satoshi Nakamoto published the source code of his creation, after which it began to spread at high speed on the World Wide Web.

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Initially, the bitcoin course was equivalent to the coursedollar, but over time, due to the increasing popularity, it began to grow and reached $ 800 per bitcoin. And this is a rather impressive amount, and those who managed to earn without the bitcoin investments from the very beginning, after a while quickly became enriched due to the appreciation of the currency. Unfortunately, now bitcoin is falling, and its rate is about three hundred dollars. However, even he is impressive. Some predict currency collapse, others - vice versa. And still others consider it a global financial pyramid. More information about the history of the currency can be found on the official site of How to earn treasured coins, this site, unfortunately, will not tell.

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Currency features

Before you learn how to quickly earn bitcoin,It is necessary to understand what this currency is. After understanding the principles of work will make it possible to extract it more efficiently. So, here are a few features:

  1. Bitcoin is not provided with any circumstances. This means that it is not a debt obligation, as the usual money. The price of it directly depends on demand. The higher it is, the higher the value of the currency. To make this easier to understand, you can draw a parallel with precious metals: while they are in demand, they will be in price. That is theoretically bitcoin can fall to zero. Therefore, all interested in earning this crypto currency should provide the system with new "earners".
  2. Bitcoin does not have one center. All data of the payment system is kept by the owners of the currency. And the number of items extracted and demanded is determined by the rate.
  3. One of the unique features is the limitationcurrency. Initially, the code laid 21 million coins, whose emission into the network is 25 times in 10 minutes. These coins are distributed among the miners, that is, it makes sense to contain powerful hardware to get a larger share of the produced units. Emission is halved every 4 years, which ensures a permanent rise in the price of the currency - the system has a deflationary structure. Nevertheless, after mining all the bitcoin, they will be distributed among the owners, due to which the history of the system will continue.
  4. As mentioned above, anonymityuse of currency. Despite the fact that any operation can be tracked, it is not possible to recognize its subscribers, since the bitcoins belong simultaneously to everyone who uses them.
  5. No commission for transfers. This is explained quite easily. Since there is no single center, there is no need to pay for its work.

Knowing these features, it is much easier to understand how to earn bitcoin.

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Disadvantages of currency

As with any system, the Bitcoin project has a number ofdisadvantages, we can not say that they are too serious, but they do exist. First, the absence of a single regulator does not provide an opportunity to abolish transactions with the currency. This can be used by scammers. The second disadvantage is the complexity of application. Crypto currency is a very unusual thing, completely overturning the concept of money, so for many it's a dark forest. The third and probably the most significant drawback is the risk of becoming a prohibited currency. A number of states have already taken this step, wishing to fully control the economic situation. Bitcoin is an anonymous currency, with which the government is actively struggling because it is impossible to track financial transactions. This creates a very fertile soil for scammers. Nevertheless, more and more often people use bitcoin when calculating. How to earn this currency, we will consider below.

Ways to earn bitcoin

There are several ways of how to earn a lot of bitcoin. First, let's enumerate them, and then we'll analyze each separately.

  1. It's quite easy to get them withcalled cranes - special services that are distributed free of charge bitcoin. How to earn? The program, by which the extraction is done, unfortunately, has not yet been created, so the process will not be automated. By the way, it's not worth it.
  2. Bitcoin mining, or mining. Automatic earnings bitcoins with the help of computer power.
  3. Currency trading on the stock exchange. Automation of this process is also impossible, but brings tangible profits in a fairly short period of time.

Earnings with the help of cranes

This type of production appeared relatively recently. Dwell on it for a long time is not worth it, since its yield is not very large. In short, the point is to play the free lottery. Once in a certain period of time, the user gets the opportunity, guessed captcha, play and get reward in the form of bitcoins. However, their number is so small that at least half of one bitcoin will take a large amount of time to earn. You can ask a logical question: "What is the benefit of crane sites?" After the visit, the question disappears by itself - they are literally stuffed with advertising banners.

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Earnings on mining

On this method it is worthwhile to dwell in more detail,since it is the main one for obtaining bitcoin. How to earn? Mining is the extraction of virtual currency at the expense of computing power of the computer. Groups of such miners, or, as they are also called, miners, organize pools to combine the capacities of machines for more efficient extraction of crypto currency. It is the "virtual miners" that ensure the life of the system, as they create demand for bitcoin. How to make money on this? There are two options: independent mining and joining the pool. The first option is not very lucrative, since it is unlikely that a home computer will have capacities capable of successfully "killing" bitcoins. But you will be accepted into the pool only if the machine pays off. Therefore, many, in the absence of their own capacity, buy a share in the pool, which brings a constant passive income, depending on the size of this share.

Earnings on the stock exchange

There are two ways: either invest in bitcoins and wait for the appreciation, or actively speculate on minor fluctuations. Both methods have the right to exist, but a certain start-up capital may be required. Nevertheless, a competent game can bring a good profit, which may well become a source of permanent income.

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How to cash out bitcoins

So, we figured out where to make moneybitcoin. Now you need to decide how to use them. If you plan to continue working in this industry, the best way is to invest your money in mining pools. Calculations are also made in bitcoin and do not require conversion. If nevertheless there is a need to use these means, then it is possible to resort to the services of numerous exchangers, after which to operate already with usual money. By the way, some services already accept bitcoins as a settlement currency.

The future of bitcoin

There are several opinions about the futureexistence of this crypto currency. Experts believe that the exchange rate will gradually grow due to the limitation of emissions. Due to this currency will cover a wide segment of the market. Some believe that the latest course changes are the beginning of the end. At the moment it's dangerous to invest in bitcoin, because it is not known what will happen to its value, since at the moment there is no clearly defined direction of the movement.


Now, after a more detailedcrypto currency bitcoin, how to make it, it became clear. In fact, there is nothing complicated in this. It is necessary only to show patience and a little wit. Paradoxically, bitcoin is a currency that emerged from nowhere. Therefore, it is available to anyone who wants to get it.