In our time for employment in a decentthe company needs knowledge of English. It would seem that the whole country teaches him, but they have a perfect unit. English is necessary in foreign trips when communicating with foreigners. Since this is one of the most popular languages ​​in the world, the demand for English courses is extremely high.

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If to reflect, all inhabitants of Russia in obligatoryorder to learn this language from school. An in-depth English course is taught at the institute. But after receiving a diploma, not everyone is able to express themselves in this language and competently construct proposals in this case. The following question arises: "Why?". It's no secret that the education system in the country is imperfect. During the lesson, the teacher does not have time to pay attention to everyone, and all the abilities are different.

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This explains the growing popularity of classes withtutor and specialized courses. But most students can not understand that to get a good result you need to work, and not just pay money and demand the impossible from the teachers. Without diligence and labor in learning a foreign language in any way.

Speak Up courses are very popular. Reviews about them are mostly positive. It is worth noting that training is quite expensive. The course is divided into levels depending on the number of basic knowledge. When you purchase the whole package of levels, a discount is offered. At the first visit you are offered a preferential loan program of the bank, designed specifically for these courses. This is where the misunderstandings begin. Those who encountered the conflict situation in Speak Up, the reviews are negative. This applies to those students who, for various reasons, decided not to continue attending the school of English and preferred to terminate the contract. In this case, according to people, money does not return long enough, so there is no way to repay the loan. Deceived pupils continue to pay it out of their own pocket, without attending classes.

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There is such a school in the Russian capital. It's called "Speak Up." Moscow". And about her the same feedback. Here you can conclude that you need to pay for the money either for the entire course of training, or in parts, without getting involved in the credit program.

There are also advantages with the Speak Up school. The opinions of those who graduate from these courses speak about this. This school issues a documentary guarantee that at the end of the training a person will have a certain set of knowledge. This is checked when passing the final test. If the student does not pass it, then the school provides the opportunity to re-enroll for free.

Everywhere they advertise English courses inMoscow. Reviews about them are very different, as are the prices for training. It is worth paying attention to the fact that the amount paid by you does not guarantee a successful outcome. A teacher can get caught, who does not teach anything to the sensible. Therefore, you need to devote time to studying reviews about different language schools and determine the choice based on them. Well, if someone from your acquaintances advises you where to go to, based on the experience you have already learned about English. Speak Up courses should be read in the first place, and decide whether it is worth to go there.