One of the most popular and favorite holidaysChristians is the Easter Resurrection. It is celebrated not only by truly believing people, but also having a superficial view of religion. The Resurrection of the Lord gives all people hope for the Holy Protection. Easter is always celebrated in the spring, it is a kind of resurrection of nature from prolonged winter sleep and awakening to a new life. The Easter holiday always contains the necessary attributes: Easter eggs, cakes. Before Easter, there is a great forty-day fast, and only on Easter Sunday is a ban on meat products. All with joy and pleasure are engaged in celebration and praise the Lord for all the bestowed benefits.

Decoupage of Easter eggs
Decoupage of Easter eggs is used forthe most spectacular decoration of the main attribute of the holiday, which symbolizes the life and origins of life. Easter eggs are a kind of work of art. They are so beautiful and unique only thanks to intricate, classical religious and standard patterns in the style of Petrikovskaya painting, Khokhloma, etc. Well, the decoupage of Easter eggs, based on such a beautiful technique, can be considered a separate branch of art. Many believe that it is difficult to translate this into reality, but it is not so. Even a child can cope with this technique.

Decoupage of Easter eggs - the mosta common form of jewelry. The image is carefully cut from the paper, then glued to the surface for further decoration. This is a national craft, for which our native craftsmen were famous. It is used not only to decorate Easter eggs, but also fabrics, furniture and other various decor items.

Decoupage of eggs
Decoupage in Russia has always been very popular andis in demand, because Russians are distinguished by a subtle sense of beauty and are subtle connoisseurs of any kind of creativity. For example, to decorate the eggs, which are the main symbol of the holiday, in the old days cloth was used. Thus, the decoupage of eggs in those days was fundamentally different from what we are doing today. Religious subjects and the image of the face of saints predominate in decoupage, but other motives are possible. Easter is a holiday for all ages. She is very fond of children, so Easter eggs are decorated with pictures of little animals, cartoons and flowers.

Decoupage of Easter eggs - extremely painstakingand labor-intensive exercise, but such eggs strikingly and favorably differ from the usual cheap stickers and drawings. Here you can feel the skill of the author of decoupage, his subtle aesthetic taste and quality of work. Such exclusive models of eggs are incredibly fashionable, prestigious and exquisite.

Decoupage in Russia
They create an image of a respectable and stylisha man who has an artistic taste. Eggs with decoupage are extremely popular and in demand. They are so beautiful that it is a pity to use them for food, I want to save them for memory. Such Easter eggs decorate the greatest holiday as much as possible, make it unforgettable and unique. Easter Sunday with such fine decorative Easter eggs will be even brighter and more colorful and will bring unforgettable impressions to all the guests of your holiday.