Birthdays, round dates, March 8, February 23,New Year, etc. - there are a lot of holidays on the calendar. "What to give to friends and relatives, what to surprise them this time?" - this question is set by each of us. Original crafts made of chocolates can be a wonderful surprise for your loved ones.

crafts from sweets


To make crafts from sweets to youYou will need wire, an "oasis" (sold in flower shops), green corrugated and red wrapping paper, narrow scotch, scarlet organza. Also, toothpicks, a decorative dragonfly or a butterfly, an ordinary glue and with sparkles will be required. And, of course, the main element of the composition is small round candies.

Process of execution. Using a knife, cut off the edges of the "oasis" in such a way that a ball with a diameter of 8 cm turned out. We wrap it with paper. After that, pierce through the ball wire and bend at 90 degrees its lower end. This will be the tail of a cherry, which must be wrapped in a thin layer of green paper. The basis for crafts made from sweets is ready. Cut out squares of red paper from red paper so that they can wrap up the sweetness. The tail of the wrapper is greased with glue (it is best to use the "Moment"), insert a toothpick, wrap the candy with a red paper squared and fix the material with adhesive tape. In appearance, this element of crafts should resemble a candy "Chupa Chups". It is necessary to make so many workpieces that you can completely cover the entire surface of the "oasis". Starting from the bottom, we stick "chupa - chups" into the base for the cherry, filling them with the whole area to the very twig. In this case, toothpicks should not be visible, they must be completely immersed in an "oasis". Spaces between sweets can be covered with decorative elements from organza.

crafts from sweets with own hands
Cut small circles out of the fabric, pierce them incenter with a toothpick, fix with glue and wrap in the form of a flower. After the decor of the berry is completed, proceed to the decoration of the twig. From the corrugated paper cut out the leaf, using glue with sparkles, draw veins on it and attach to the tail of the cherry. There you can place a dragonfly. The decor of the crafts made from sweets is finished.

No less original gift can be done by taking as a basis a plastic bottle. Due to its elongated shape, it will make a magnificent "bouquet" - pineapple.

A pineapple

To carry out crafts from sweets with your own handsyou will need a 1.5 liter plastic bottle. It also requires green corrugated paper, adhesive tape and glue. And do not forget about candies of round shape with a golden wrapper.

Manufacturing process. To make the base for pineapple less elongated, cut the bottle horizontally into two halves. Insert the lower part into the upper part, fix the structure with adhesive tape. After that, in even rows, glue it with sweets. From corrugated paper, cut out the leaves that are outstretched in shape and insert them into the neck, so that the pineapple tail turns out. Bouquet is ready.

Wraps of sweets in any case, do not throw, because of them you can make great crafts from candy wrappers from sweets.

crafts from candy wrappers from sweets


To make it, you need a wrapper fromchocolate tiles, scissors, ruler, glue. Cut out two identical squares 12 * 9 and a strip 21 * 1.5 cm. Fold the rectangles "accordion" diagonally. The strip is bent along to get a narrow "ribbon", and then in the middle. Its ends are twisted to the center - this will be the butterfly's antennae. We begin to collect hand-made articles. Thread all the blanks in the center. Butterfly is ready.