Walking through the winter streets, for sure everything, like children,both adults and adults, saw beautiful birds with a reddish breast, pecking ashberries. They were bullfinches! So why not sit back in a warm room and recreate what he has seen? An excellent option for this purpose can be the application "Bullfinch on a branch of mountain ash".

Create an application: who is interested?

bullfinches in winter on mountain ash

Applicating to the winter theme can make eventhe smallest child, though he will need the help of an adult. But from the schoolboy such an occupation does not require too much effort, and time will be spent interesting. It is worth noting that it is possible to make an application of this subject interesting and adult, the main thing is to correctly determine the goals and choose the materials.

So, with the help of tissue application, you candecorate a pillow case, children's pajamas or any other thing. And from the paper of various textures and colors, you can create a whole picture called "Bullfinches in winter on mountain ash", which will be an excellent addition to the interior of a children's room, living room or kitchen. However, whatever you decide to do the application, the ideal option is the joint work of the child and the adult.

Preparation of materials and tools

Winter applique

Work on the creation of any application, whether it befabric, paper or any other, begins with the organization of the workplace and the collection of materials. This case is not an exception. The application of "Bullfinch" from paper requires the following materials and tools: cardboard, colored paper, standard white sheets, napkins, PVA glue or a small glue pencil, scissors, simple pencil, ruler, loved by small craftsmen. Also need markers, if some elements of the application (for example, bird eyes, paws) are planned to be finished.

If you are going to fabricateapplication, it is necessary to stock up the fabric of necessary colors, needle, thread and scissors. As for the colors of the main material, you can slightly retreat from the habitual image of the bullfinch and to use its abdomen to apply not a red cloth, but for example, a white polka-dot, orange or pink. As for the wings and head, they should be left black with small gray insets, so the bird will look more like its prototype.

Creation of templates for the application "Bullfinch on mountain ash"

bullfinch applique from paper patterns

So, you decided that your handcraft will be bullfinch- application of paper. Templates for creating this bird should be done right after all the materials and tools for work are collected. After all, thanks to them, all further work on the application, whether it is fabric or paper, will be greatly simplified. With regard to the manufacture of templates, it is easiest to take advantage of those listed below. However, if you draw well, you can create unique templates yourself.

If it is decided to usefiled version, then you need to print the sheet, transfer the images to a thick cardboard, traverse with a simple pencil and cut. It is worth noting that the more dense the templates are, the more convenient it will work with them. Next, the resulting blanks must be installed on paper or fabric of suitable colors, encircled, cut out, placed in the right places, and soon you will get the appliqué "Bullfinch on a branch of mountain ash". You can also use geometric shapes to create the bullfighter templates, but this is a little bit lower. As for the details for the rowan branch, they will be small circles that will replace the berries, and long narrow rectangles to create the branch itself. By the way, rectangles can be cut out of brown paper without any templates, - so it is more convenient and faster, but with berries you will have to tinker a bit.

Children's appliqué "Bullfinch on a branch of mountain ash"

It is desirable that an adult make the describedThe above templates are pre-loaded. The application "Bullfinch on a branch of mountain ash" may seem a little difficult for a preschool child to perform. Next, you need to cut out the body of birds and rowan berries from red paper, the wing and eyes from the black, the paws and the beak from the gray, and the bush branches from the brown one. The most suitable background for the application will be blue or white paper, but you can use any other.

When all the details are ready, onlystick them on their seats. First, in the middle of the leaf, place the body of the bird, then the wing, beak and eye. Then a little lower stick the main branch and only after that a little overlapping the legs of the bird. This procedure is necessary in order to create the impression that the bullfinch is sitting on the bush. Lastly, you will need to "assemble" a row of mountain ash from pre-prepared parts.

belfry stencil for applique

Tissue applique

The application "Bullfinch on the mountain ash", made offabric or felt, can be an excellent decoration for children's clothing or decorative pillow cases. To make it, you can use the templates given above, however, it is necessary to cut out the details this time from the fabric. This application is made much easier than it might seem at first glance.

First you need to cut out all the necessary detailsfrom a suitable fabric and using a needle to sew them in the same order as the paper application is made, to the product. And if you are also the owner of a sewing machine, then such a decor of clothes will take you very little time. It is worth noting that it is possible to fabricate whole pictures for decorating an interior or presenting it to someone as a gift, it is enough to place them in a frame.

Winter application - a mosaic of paper

applique of bullfinch from paper

Very easy to manufacture, but not less thaninteresting in appearance, and perhaps more, is the winter application in the form of a mosaic. To make it, you can apply the same template, or you can draw on a sheet of white bullfinch paper using the diagram below.

Regardless of whether you will usea ready-made template or drawing a bird by yourself, it is important that it is in the center of the leaf. Next, you need to create a winter background. To do this, you need to pick or cut many small pieces of paper of different texture of white, blue and blue colors. These can be standard sheets, corrugated, colored or wallpaper paper.

It should be noted that this work does not requiregreat accuracy, which, of course, is to the liking of small masters. The fact is that the prepared pieces do not need any ordered and even gluing. They can be attached in any position, side by side or overlapping, gluing completely or leaving sticking tips, - from this the ready application "Bullfinch on a branch of mountain ash" will be only more interesting.

When the background is completely ready, you can goto the making of the bird itself. The area of ​​the wings, tail and legs should be sealed with black and gray pieces of paper, abdomen - red and pink, branches - brown. Completely finished application should be left for several hours to dry.

Bullfinch from geometric figures: an interesting applique

applique of bullfinch on a branch of mountain ash

Another interesting application for children isbecome a bullfinch, made of geometric shapes. By the way, she is a great way to get to know the child with geometry. Of course, such a bird will more resemble a cartoon character, but children will definitely like this bullfinch (paper application). Templates do not have to be prepared in advance, you can draw the necessary shapes immediately on the sheets you need the colors.

So, you need a big black circle fortorso, red oval for breast, 2 small red circles for cheeks, 2 white ovals for eye, 2 small black circles for pupils, small orange triangle for beak, 3-5 narrow black ellipses for shaggy hairstyle, 3 black oval - for the tail, 2 gray ovals - for the wings. When all the details are cut, you only need to collect them. It is more convenient to paint a branch of a mountain ash and bird's legs with a brown felt-tip pen, but it is also possible to cut it out of paper.

Winter pattern of plain paper and napkins

applique of bullfinch on mountain ash

If you need to take a few childrenyourself at home or in kindergarten, you can invite them to create a whole picture-application on the winter theme. By the way, for an adult, there is also an occupation in this matter, because it is necessary for someone to coordinate the actions of children, and also to produce details that are too complicated for them.

Belfry stencil for applique can be madeindependently, using the template given above, or try to buy ready. Since it is planned to create a whole picture, the birds should be several. They can either sit on a bush with rowan, or jump over the snowdrifts, or peck the grain in the feeder - it all depends on the wishes and imagination of the guys.

Bodies of bullfinches must be cut out of blackpaper, and make a breast of small lumps of red napkins, for the production of which children will need a lot of time. When the lumps are ready, they need to be glued to a black template in the abdominal area, in a similar way, you can create snow, though, from white or blue napkins, mountain ash - from orange, branches - from brown. Such winter application will contribute to interesting leisure activities for children and will be an excellent decoration of any room!