To be a stylish and fashionable man, notit is necessary to have a chic wardrobe consisting of many things. Some accessories will help to easily refresh the image, giving it a touch of chic and extravagance. Such items include, for example, a tie or a knitted male scarf. How to make this thing special, using threads, knitting needles or a hook? You will find several different options in this article.

knitted man's scarf

Selecting a picture, model, and method of execution

What ornaments are most often used,to get a knitted male scarf? Using knitting needles, it is easiest for beginner needlewomen to perform it, perhaps, by drawing "elastic". For this it is necessary to alternate the front and back loops. On the reverse side of the work the technology is similar. If you use a hook, you can "refresh" the monophonic canvas with an original ornament. Its binding takes place according to the schemes according to which one cell is equal to one column without a crochet. In this case, the unused thread is usually laid along the row, hiding inside the mating. Ornament usually decorates the scarf on both sides. Another option is the use of multi-color knitting. Consider, for example, what kind of product can be made from threads of several shades. On how to perform a knitted male scarf, alternating between the transverse and longitudinal strips, is written below. It should be borne in mind that the technology varies depending on the method used.

men's knitted scarves Schemes

How to remove strips with knitting needles?

Alternating multicolored transverse segmentsit is very simple. Type the desired number of loops and work until the color changes. Then use another ball to continue knitting. If the strips are very wide, the thread is cut off, and the loose end is weaved into the fabric, hiding between the loops. When the color alternates in the longitudinal direction, several coils are used simultaneously in the work. We will describe, how it is possible to execute such man's crocheted scarves. Schemes provide for the conduct of work on the type of jacquard weaving. So, for example, the following order of color changes is used to knit a blue striped scarf, presented in the photo: edge, eight to ten blue loops, three to five blue, three to five white, three to five blue, eight to ten blue, border. To ensure that the canvas turned out to be solid and did not have random holes when changing colors, change the threads, crossing each other. Finishing brushes are also made different. They are a visual continuation of the multi-colored canvas.

knitted scarves for men

The ways of making men's striped scarves crocheted

Female models are very diverseoptions. Among them, the most popular are scarves and stoles, collected from small openwork fragments, crocheted. Alternatively, alternate transverse or longitudinal strips of two or three shades. Similarly, it is possible to obtain male products crocheted. Scarves made in this way have some features. Use one of two options:

1. Cross strips. With this technology, it's easiest to make knitted scarves. Schemes for men provide for the replacement of different threads several times. If you have several rows in the same color, you need to continue using the other. The thread of an unused tone usually extends along the edge or breaks. To "hide" then all the errors, the canvas can be tied in a circle with one or two rows of columns without a crochet.

Longitudinal strips. The direction of work will have to be changed by expanding it by 90 °. This means that in the beginning of work it is necessary to type a chain of air loops equal to the length of the scarf. Color change occurs as described above.

men's crocheted scarves

How to tie a scarf-snack?

This model is something betweencap, cape and hood. Scarf-snud, made of thick threads, looks more like a large collar. Models of a thin material make much wider and more extensive. This involves wrapping them around the neck in the form of a double loop. It is more practical to perform such a knitted male scarf in a circle. Using the hook to work, draw a chain of air loops and close it in a circle. Then, move only in one direction, carrying out the appropriate ornament. Spiral-like mating slightly modifies the pattern, making it special and unrepeatable. The greatest benefit from a practical point of view is manifested in the absence of seams, which is especially convenient when using thick threads. The technology of making a product with knitting needles, in principle, does not differ from the one described above. Use a circular device and move similarly in a spiral in only one direction. After tying the cylinder-like linen of the desired height, finish the work by closing the hinges with a hook. The original scarf-snack is ready!