Why are many simply malingering before diversity andhigh skill of performance of knitted veshchichek? Yes, probably, all because a thing, made according to your individual order, will please you much more than the standard one. And even more fun can deliver a product created by own hand.

One of the most common things needed in a woman's closet is a knitted sweater. Hook can create a very original model.


When you look at the masterpieces associated with skillfulhands, it seems that you need to have a huge talent and experience in order to create such beauty. In the modern world of fashion, delicate knitted things are becoming increasingly important. More and more you can see them on the podiums of haute couture. Moreover, handwork is very expensive and worth a lot of money.

So why should not the most fashionable women of fashion try their hand and try to create a small fashion trend on their own? A sweater hook can be the first thing in your exclusive collection.

crocheted sweater

Let's look at an example of a simple ornament that suits our product.

Very simple, but it will look spectacularknitting with the help of air loops and different variations of columns with crochets. Depending on the number of mantles, a pattern will be formed, and the crochet crochet will acquire its degree of airiness.

crocheted crochet

Try to first connect the canvas, which later will act as a backrest / shelf, thus:

First measure the girth of the waist, hips - the place where the bottom of the sweatshirt is.

The first row - connect the pigtail from the air loops, trying on a regular basis to get the right size.

Important: at the end of the first row (and subsequent, where necessary) make another couple of extra loops for lifting.

The second row - three loops tie a bar with 1 cape, three loops - air. So we knit to the end of the row.

The third row - all the loops - the columns without the crochet.

The fourth row - we make one column with 2 nakidami in order to raise to the desired height knitting. Next - 2 air hinges, 3 posts with 2 nakidami. So we knit to the end of the row.

The fifth row is to hang all the loops in a column without a crochet.

The sixth row consists of 3 columns with 3 rims, 3 air loops.

The seventh row - all the loops tie a bar without a crochet.

Next, knit by drawing, repeating the above algorithm. The main thing, watch to get a kind of "chess".

You will have a canvas in a small hole,creating a kind of openwork mesh. A bound sweater crochet in the form of such a mesh can be worn as on a naked body (in this case it is necessary to control the degree of transparency of the openwork mesh in the bra region) and as a cape for a suitable light top or nylon mesh. Very much for a spectacular view can make a combination and play of contrasting colors.

crocheted crochet

Stitch the related fabrics along the side edges, leaving a place for the armhole. For sleeves, prepare the same rectangles, only at your desire create the width of the sleeve. Then sew them into the armholes.

Such a crochet hook will look more likecloak - free and flying. However, this model does not provide for patterns and work with decreasing and adding loops. This it will be attractive for beginners. And with a big desire, newcomers will be able to overcome such a pleasant difficulty.

A crocheted crochet is such a unique thing,which can warm in winter and be a light cobweb on your body with summer heat. It all depends on what yarn and hook for knitting you choose. The thinner the knitting tool and thread, the more airy you will get the openwork sweater hook.