Unsurpassed looks on any woman openworkshawl crochet. The scheme and description of the work of this product have several levels of complexity. Therefore, any skilled worker will be able to choose the most optimal option for himself, which will warm the body and soul, as it will be connected with his own hands.

Varieties of shawls

Today, an open-work shawl crocheted is no longer a curiosity. And before the 17th century Europe was not aware of such an accessory. They used it mainly in the East.

It is generally believed that the shawl is a huge half-board. It looks like an ordinary kerchief, only has impressive dimensions.

Such accessories are of different types: woven and crocheted or knitted. There are even variants of macrame or a specific lace. The long side of the shawl often exceeds 1.5 meters. This allows the woman to wrap herself in her completely.

crocheted shawl pattern and description

Some people call shawl a wide scarf,which has another name - stole. In order not to introduce a confusion in this matter, we will dwell on the fact that openwork shawls with crochet patterns and rectangular shapes. In addition, an equilateral rectangle is a square, and hence a large handkerchief.

Imitation of loin knitting

Many craftsmen have the concept of what isCrochet. An openwork shawl in this technique is simple and not very long. The only difficulty can be the holding of a triangular shape. But if you just figure out the algorithm of the work, everything immediately becomes in place.

This model is knit from the angle to the bottom. There are no difficulties in this work. It all starts with the ring of air loops. In the first row we knit 5 air loops, 3 columns with a crochet, 3 air loops and a column with a crochet. Each row ends with just such a column with a crochet that counts as 2 in / n. The second row, like all the rest, starts with 5 air loops. Immediately we knit 3 columns with a crochet, 3 in / n, 3 posts, 3 loops and a column.

In this way, the canvas can be expanded toinfinity, until you get an openwork shawl crochet. The scheme and description of work on it is intuitively understandable to every master who can hold a hook in his hands.

Simple and beautiful fishnet pattern

Every woman wants her cupboard to bean openwork shawl. Hook (the scheme of work mastered by many skilled workers), such a product can be built in a couple of days. For this you can use the simplest pattern.

We collect the number of air loops equal tothe length of the side of the future square, and we knit the first row according to the scheme: 2 air loops, 2 columns with a crochet through 2 loops, 2 in / c, 2 posts with a crochet in succession, 2 air loops.

crocheted shawl crochet pattern

In the second row we knit 7 air loops and 4 columns with a crochet over a group of 4 columns.

The third row is the most interesting. He is knitted from the posts with two cuffs. A group of columns with a common point ties 2 rows at once. This is the vertical report of the pattern. We knit it until the canvas is square or the length that we need to get an openwork shawl crochet. This scheme is ideal for beginners.

Beautiful fan pattern

This pattern is also not designed for a triangle. But it's so beautiful and simple, that from it you will definitely get an unrivaled openwork shawl hook. The scheme and description of the work with this pattern are understandable at a glance.

An openwork shawl crocheted with patterns

It is built on the basis of lush fans,formed from columns with a crochet. To make them "open", half-columns are placed on either side of them. Intermediate pattern is created from the same columns with a crochet and chains of air loops. To make the work more interesting, it can be performed in two stages. First half of the length is knit in one direction, and the second half begins with the bottom of the base of the finished fabric. But this is more acceptable for a long scarf or stole.

When the product is ready, it is necessary to tie it with a border pattern and attach a magnificent fringe, which adds the festiveness of any shawl.

Shawl with diamonds

This is another variation on the theme of loin knitting. An openwork shawl hook, the scheme of which is presented below, is executed from the bottom corner to the base. Adding loops occurs at the edges, which makes it look organic. The central part of the shawl consists of a simple alternation of columns with a crochet and air loops, which is the basis of a loin pattern. The edges are made with rhombs with a shaded center.

crochet shawl crochet pattern

In this model, the presence of a beautifulfringe. It is attached after the whole product is ready and tied with a border pattern. Several pieces of the main yarn are measured to the desired length, they are folded in half and partially pulled through the hole with the edge. Loose ends are threaded into the resulting loop and tightened. So an openwork shawl, crocheted, acquires a complete appearance.

Fan shawl from the base

Before that, we examined the knitting of an openwork shawl with crochet, the schemes of which were built either from the angle or the square. Now let's pay attention to the more traditional way of making this accessory.

The diagram clearly shows that knitting begins withset of air loops. In the first row, arches of the same in / n with columns without a crochet are knit. But starting from the second row, the main pattern is constructed using columns with a crochet.

Laced crocheted shawl

In each row, the number of loops decreases. Due to this, the cloth gradually narrows and eventually comes to a triangular shape.

This pattern also requires fringe. It can be done not only with the help of brushes, as in the previous version, but also by tying large arches of air loops along the edges with small spaces between them. This will give an interesting fringe, which will be beautifully hanging from the shoulders of a woman wearing this shawl.

Semicircle model

For some reason, it is commonly believed that an openwork shawlcrochet, the scheme and description of which is the subject of this article, should be only triangular. But some craftsmen have long developed patterns of semicircular products. And they look no worse than those that have a corner.

To tie this shawl, you need to have an averagethe level of skill, since there are many transitions from one pattern to another. At the same time, the circuit does not have complex loops and columns, which guarantees success to almost every master who has sufficient level of attention.

crochet curly shawl

The presence of sharp angles in the scheme does not foresee the decoration of shawls with fringe. This adds a certain charm to him, which will be appreciated by real women of fashion.

As we have seen, make a shawl out of yarn athelping the hook is not difficult. The main thing is to stock up on threads, patience, attentiveness and inspiration. And all will turn out, even if the needlewoman is at the initial level of skill.