In the cold season, an alternative to scarf can beto become a crochet (crochet). The scheme and description (for beginners) of some of them may seem complicated. But you can start with those that are easier. And when you have experience and a good skill, then there will come a time for delicate delights.

crochet pattern and description for beginners

Model 1: for beginners

Its production is to binda rectangle in the height of the neck and its girth. So, to get a crochet hook (a scheme and description for beginners), you will need to type a string of air loops. Their number depends on the length of the neck, that is, from the chin to the level of the clavicles. For the child, you can stay at 17.

The first row of barn: three lifting loops, four stitches with a crochet (CH) in the first loop of the chain, 3 half-columns of SN, 10 columns without a crochet (BN).

The second: one loop for lifting, 9 columns of BN, 3 half-columns of SN, 5 columns of SN.

These two series should be repeated as many times asIt is necessary to make a rectangle, which you can wrap your neck around. You can make a small overture. This is useful for joining edges with buttons. On the bottom edge of the product, dial the loops, making an extension. To do this, in each space between the rows, connect the column CH, and in the inter-row arch there should be two such elements.

crochet pattern and description

Now the crochet (diagram and description forbeginners are presented in the article) should be tied up from below with a beautiful pattern. It can be a drawing presented on the diagram, or something of its own, something that has already been mastered by the beginning needlewoman. The main requirement for the pattern: an extension to the bottom so that the product gently slides over the shoulders.

The top and sides of the shirt-front can be tied with arches of threeair loops. On one of the edges sew the right amount of buttons, and use arches for fasteners. If the buttons are very large, then some arches can be made not from three, but from four loops.

This model is easy to modify. For example, make a longer neck so that it is wrapped up from above. Or tie a longer lower part, then she will cover not only the neck, but also the baby's chest.

Model 2: round for the child

The process of its manufacture begins with the verytop part. Here you can see a crochet (crochet) for a child, but you can make it any size. Everything will depend on the number of typed first loops. Their baby needs much less than a teenager or an adult.

To begin with, you need to type a chain of evennumber of loops. Its length should be such that it is enough to wrap it around the neck. If you do not like too tight collars, it is recommended to tie a few more loops.

The first row will consist of the columns of CH. For them, only one lifting loop is needed. In the second there will be three. Then alternate the front and back of the relief bars. This will be the first row of crocheted elastic bands.

Similarly, you need to knit your shirt front beforepores, until you get a length equal to the height of the neck. At this point, it is necessary to make an extension for the shoulder portion of the shirt-front. To do this, a uniform increase of 10-15 bars in one row is performed. Then we knit a mannish (crochet) on any scheme you like. The main thing is that it should expand to the outer edge. It remains to connect it in a circle and sew on the buttons if necessary.

crochet for baby

Model 3: rectangular

Begins such a shirt-crib (crochet) for the child just like the previous one. Only extensions do in front of the shoulder part is not necessary. Because it is knitted on the basis of raglan.

For this it is necessary to divide the whole resultinga rectangle into four parts, so that there is an equal distance between the four corners. In each of the corners, three air loops are to be fastened, and the rows themselves are made from the columns of SN. Continue knitting until the length that covers the shoulders of the child turns out.

Then it is recommended to continue work only onfront of the front. It should cover most of the chest. Throughout the length of the joint of the product, you will need to sew buttons that will help you gently and comfortably put on your shirt-front for the baby.

Throughout the perimeter of the shirt-front you can make a rim. The simplest form is a fan of four columns of SN. But you can choose something at your discretion.

crochet for women

Model 4: openwork shirt for women

Their difference lies only in the fact that the product is larger than for children. In addition, the front shirt (crochet) for women looks more delicate. An example of such a pattern is shown in the figure.

knit crocheted crochet

Plus, you can also make an obzhurnuyu obvjazku onthe upper edge of the front. If the elastic band is sufficiently dense, then it is possible not to leave space for the buttons. So, it is allowed to put it over your head, and not to throw on your shoulders.

Decoration Option: Flower

With him will become individual any shirt-shirt (crochet). The scheme and description (for beginners) of the simplest flower are presented below.

crocheted flower scheme

On a ring of eight loops to connect a circle of columnsBN. They should be 16. But between each two of the first of the three columns it is necessary to make an arch of 9 loops. They will be the basis for the petals of the flower. At the indicated number of loops, they will be six.

The second row of knitting gives the petals a shape. To do this, at the beginning of each petal you need to perform a column of BN. Then polustolbik CH, 19 columns of SN, again one half-column SN and complete the column BN. In the space between the petals, tie one bar without a crochet.

The third row will be final. It consists entirely of BN columns at each vertex of the previous row.

It is worth remembering that any decoration should beplace. If the product is already all in patterns and delicate elements, then even a small flower can be superfluous. But on the front shirt, consisting only of simple posts, it will be just right.