Visiting the exhibition of folk art, notyou stop to wonder how talented the people are. Any piece made with a soul and with love, always represents a product of amazing beauty. This also applies to knitting - it does not matter whether the product is knitted or crocheted. The napkin, crocheted, again comes into fashion, as in the days of our parents' youth.

napkin crochet
It would seem that only a few elements and figures,and the results are very diverse and beautiful. Of course, there are different styles of crochet, but the main elements are nakids, sticks and air loops. Having picked up the scheme you liked, you can start this magical occupation, as a result of which you can get, for example, a napkin, crocheted from multicolored or monophonic yarns. Colors can be selected independently or leave those that are proposed in the scheme. The main thing is that they blend well together, creating a single color.

crocheted hook 2
Changing the size and thickness of the thread, you can getdifferent products. For example, a napkin, crocheted, after certain manipulations can become a vase. If all actions and steps have been performed correctly and consistently, you can safely put lemons or oranges in such a vase.

And how wonderful and unusual are the lampshades forlamps, crocheted! The light gives them an even more magical look, making it truly fabulous. And there are craftsmen who manage to make with the help of a hook and thread real shoes for the princess! These boots look very good on the foot, and they are quite weightless.

crocheted crochet 3
You can knit huge tablecloths and shawls, forornaments of the table will also suit the bound oval napkin: crochet, using various patterns, you can give it a special refinement. Very beautiful look flowers on this ornament, connected from different threads: they create a motley flower meadow.

Products, connected with their own hands, attachhome cosiness. If you teach your children to see beauty, awaken in them the love for this beautiful needlework and the desire to work miracles, they will become your first assistants.

oval crochet napkin
At first, in order for you to getbeautiful oval crochet crochet, the scheme should be not very complicated. With time, you will have more experience, you can create any schemes yourself and even share them with people who will also be interested in it. A visit to the master class on crocheting will give you energy: you will most likely have a desire to create your own masterpiece. And let it be just a napkin crocheted, but it will be completely created by you - your imagination, your desire, your soul.

crocheted oval napkin
Using the hook, you can also create shawls andknit dresses. But all this will be after reaching a certain level of skill. And in the beginning you are waited by air loops and posts. Do not be afraid to start, even if you do not immediately get it. Here, as in any case, practice is needed. It failed from the first time - it will be from the second, in extreme cases, the third attempt. The main thing is that everything should be done for your own pleasure.