Knitted things are always in fashion. They are especially popular in the cold season. After all, it's nice to wrap yourself in a warm scarf or feel the fluffy softness of mittens on your hands.


One of these useful things is the shirt-front. Hook or knitting it is connected - it does not matter.

The main thing is that the product reliably closes the neck fromcold. Manishka is a successful replacement of the scarf, especially for children, since it tightly surrounds the neck and does not unwind. At the same time, this detail of the wardrobe can become an ornament if it is made of thin threads with a lace pattern, for which knitting needles or a hook are used. Knitting mannies will not take much time, it all depends on the chosen style and thickness of the thread.

Different models of barnacles

Variation set: voluminous and small shirt-collars the size of a collar, thick of thick yarn and lightweight for use in conjunction with spring raincoats. Manishka can dress over the head or have a buckle. The latter are more practical, especially for children. The fastener is the most variable element. Popular use of the option with small loops on the shoulder or back. Buckwheat can be fully or partially fastened. An interesting element is also the use of a secret zipper instead of buttons. According to the color scheme, products are usually combined with other items of the wardrobe - a hat and mittens.


Crochet crocheted crochet: the simplest version

We offer you one of the wayschildren's shirt. Hook this model can be done in 2-3 hours. Experienced craftsmen can easily make a similar product with knitting needles or use another pattern when working. The combination of several colors and decorative elements look bright.

It will take 150-180 grams of semi-wool yarn and hook No. 3 to work. This model is suitable for girls 7-10 years old. Crochet crochet is quite simple.

We type 50 loop loops. Then follow the conventions and instructions:

  • column BN - a column without a crochet,
  • column SN - column with a crochet,
  • column C2H - a column with two overlays,
  • VP - air loop.

1 - 6 row - columns of BN.

7 row - the columns of CH.

hook knitting

7, 8 row - columns HH, after about four columns we unfasten two in one for the expansion of the shirt-front.

9 row - * column C2H, 2 VP, skip one loop of the previous row *, then repeat the rapport ** to the end of the row.

10 row - for each arch from 2VP of the previous row, tie three C2H each. Between the "fans" - 2VP.

11-13 row-knit like 10 row.

14th row - * in the arch from the 2VP of the previous row, the BN column is mated, then 7px *, then we repeat the rapport ** to the end of the row.

15 row - * in the column BN we untype the column BN, 5VP, column BN in the 4 loop arc from the EP of the previous row, 5VP *, then repeat the rapport ** to the end of the row.

Such a knitted crocheted crochet can be decoratedon the bottom with brushes or a ready-made multicolored lace with small pompons. The final step in the work is the processing of the fastener. To do this, each of the two front bars must be tied first with BN pillars, and then with fans from the five columns of CH. Do not forget to make buttonholes, which can also be made by crocheting.

Having shown your imagination and skill, you can easily do the work. Let your children rejoice in new things and take them with pleasure.