Than to please the kid? Buy another "Kinder-surprise" or just sweets? While the child is small, the family budget is constantly experiencing shocks in the form of acquiring new shoes and outerwear. These purchases are made sometimes even a couple of times a season. Therefore, as usual, money is not enough. However, even in such a situation, you can please the baby with a new toy. We will tell you how to make turntables from various materials. This extremely simple in manufacturing, but colorful thing will give the child a lot of positive emotions.

How to make a paper spinner

How to make turntables: materials

To create a new toy you can useany improvised materials. Suitable cardboard, colored paper, plastic bottles, or durable and thick enough polyethylene, able to keep the shape. It will also need a small, well-planed stick pen, carnations, acrylic paints, brushes, glue "Moment". You can use a beautiful wrapper Gift coated with holographic pattern. You also need a simple pencil drawing of drawing, ruler and scissors.

How to make turntables? Process description

How to make turntables
It is possible to make such a toy even for those whonot often engaged in handicrafts. The process does not last long, and if you bring children to it, the time will fly by happily and unnoticed! Let's start with the pattern. Draw on the sheet of paper in a cage the estimated size of the turntable. If it is made for walking along the street, it is better to make it out of plastic. Excellent fit five-liter bottle from under the water. Draw a circle, and then cut it as shown in the diagram. If you invite a child to paint it with acrylic paints or gouache, then the joy of the little designer will not be the limit. However, it is necessary beforehand to lighten the plastic slightly above the flame of the lighters or candles, giving it a characteristic shape for the product. Cooled and painted turntable should be pierced with a hot nail in the center. And then, selecting a nail or a smaller samorez, fix the product on a stick. It is difficult to fix it, since in this case the air can not rotate the toy. That's all! Now you know how to make turntables from a plastic bottle. The child is happy, and after the end of the summer season the toy can be fixed in the garden. It will be very good to scare off birds.

Awesome paper turntable
And how to make a turntable from paper? It's as simple as that

In order for the turntable to turn out to be beautiful andmeasure durable, you need to take colored paper. It is desirable that it was not only two-sided, but also dense. If you only have the standard version, then you can strengthen it, pre-pasting several layers of ordinary office paper, and on both sides to paste a colored one. After this masterpiece is dried up, you can start drawing the future shape of the toy on paper. Then carefully cut out and bend the sharp edge to the center. We prick it with a pin. We do the same with the other petals. And now with the help of a carnation we enlarge the hole of fastening and we beat the turntable to a prepared rod. Done! If you are a fan of origami from paper, the turntable will require a more serious approach and careful execution of instructions.