Approximately six months ago, the Internet exploded two photos: a canary and centaur costume. Not too talented parents have made their children carnival costumes, from which you want to cry and laugh at the same time. In fact, you can sew the children the beautiful costumes of these characters. We will tell you how.

canary suit
Canary suit

In fact, this is a fairly versatile suit. If the New Year's "snowflakes", "bunnies" and "Christmas trees" are not worn for a spring holiday, then the canary costume will come in handy, say, on the 8th of March.

Your child will most likely likethis bright yellow suit, if only because there is likely to be no other such in the group in the kindergarten or in the classroom. Remember, every time you come to a regular matinee, you saw at least five princesses and six rabbits. If you make a canary costume, you will completely avoid the repetition, and your child will feel unrepeatable.

All you need is a yellow dress withwings and a mask. Making it at home is easy. Take a piece of yellow fabric, preferably an atlas or any other "not heavy". Cut a large circle with a hole in the middle. It should be a kind of skirt-sun. Only this hole is not for the belt, but for the neck. Sew the sleeves so that when the child lifts his hands up, wings come out. That's all!

Can make a canary costume much moreelegant, adorning it with sequins and paillettes. A bird mask can be bought at the store. If you do not find a yellow mask, you can buy any other and color it at home or glue it with yellow paper.

Another advantage of such a costume is that the canary can easily turn into a fire bird, for which all the royal princes will fight, if the festival scenario requires it.

a canary and centaur costume
Horse Suit

Hardly you ever need to doa centaur costume, but if some educator decides to arrange a children's morning performance in the ancient Greek style, then borrow the idea from the picture below. We will tell you how to make an alternative costume of a horse.

In specialized stores today are soldoveralls suits. They are very soft and look like plush toys. In this outfit your child will look very nice. However, if you do not want to spend money on a suit for one evening, you can make it yourself.

All you need is a jacket, preferablybrown, hooded, trousers, fringe, feather boa, gloves or mittens. On the hood, sew the ears, and between them stretch the boa (it will be the mane). On the trousers behind, sew a tail from the boa. Attach the fringe to the sleeves and the pants at the ends. On the belt, you can attach a "saddle" from the fabric or pads to the belt. Put on mittens - hooves. Complete the image with the appropriate makeup and ready!

This outfit will suit perfectly for various holidays: Halloween, carnival ... And about New Year's matinee in a year of a horse and it is not necessary to speak!

So we told you how to make twowonderful non-standard costume for children's parties. And now relax a little and take a look at these legendary photos, which depict a centaur costume and canaries.

centaur costume and canaries
Attention! This is an example of how not to make a costume!