An extremely fashionable female accessory todayis a scarf, crocheted from wool yarn - for the cold season - or from cotton threads - for the summer. About how you can make some models yourself, is described in this article.

Openwork kerchief, crocheted for spring and autumn

From thick yarn it is easy to make suchMulti-functional accessory, which will serve as a luxurious addition to the outfit, and will warm in the cooler hours. Such a crochet is crocheted according to the proposed scheme from the bottom corner upwards. The dots in the drawing denote air loops, simple segments - columns without a crochet, drawn perpendicular sections - these are columns with crochets. If the segments come from the same point, then a few bars are tied from one, and if the segments are connected together at the top, then a few bars are tied into one. Crochet lace hooks fit pretty fast, looks chic.

crocheted crochet

Kindergarten "The colorful squares"

Each master who is addicted to knitting,a whole collection of small multicolored glomeruli is collected. These are the remains of yarn from different models. There is an option to use them, making a bright, original and very beautiful kerchief. This crocheted crochet hook consists of separately made squares, which are then sewn one to the other. It should be remembered that several triangles will be needed on the cut, because it itself has the shape of a triangle. There are a lot of options for making squares. Here is the simplest of them.

  • 1 row: a ring of five air loops.
  • 2 row does not fit from the hinges, but from the middle of the ring. Three bars with two crochets, five air loops (at an angle) - the algorithm is repeated 4 times.
  • 3 row knit other color, start from the corner. Three bars with two crochets, five air loops, 3 stitches from one corner. Then the algorithm repeats for the remaining three corners.
  • For 4 rows, we use a different color again. How to knit corners, the master already knows. Now only it is necessary to take into account that on each side of the square it is necessary to tie a new fan of three columns from the point of connection of fans from three columns. The square can be of any size - at the request of the master, therefore the number of rows is not specified here.
    crochet hook

Children's scarf

Hook can quickly bind an extremely beautifula kerchief for a girl. It can be an openwork summer hat, made of cotton thread. And you can create a warm bright kerchief from the remnants of the yarn on the principle of "motley squares" or "Ribbon", that is, in striped. Although skilful masters offer such an original option, as the assembly of the model from separately manufactured figures. Luxuriously looks kerchief, collected from chamomiles, butterflies or fish. In order to create such a masterpiece, the master needs ready-made figures to lay out on patterns in the manner that they will be in the finished product. Then the crochet artist and the needle join the picture together. This work is extremely laborious, requires skillful mastery of skills, but the result is worth it.