In fact, the jacket is a garment for the upperpart of the body that has two shelves on the clasp. However, summer blouses are called the most different types of clothing: from pullovers to tops. They are knit from yarn with a high content of cotton, linen, viscose or silk.

Crochet: blouse (pattern, general principles of knitting, photo)

Mostly summer products are knit with the use of lace patterns. The crocheting technique, like no other, allows you to perform extremely beautiful lace patterns.

crocheted crochet for girls

Recommendations regarding the use of natural yarn are justified by its characteristics:

  • She looks beautiful in knitting.
  • Through it, air seeps.
  • It does not cause allergies when it comes in contact with the skin.

Alternatives to natural threads are acrylic,polyamide, polyester and microfiber. In various proportions, they can be present in high-quality yarns, but not more than 30%. Their presence gives the yarns strength, elasticity and shine. If the artificial fibers are more than this percentage, then there is a possibility that the blouse associated with this material (the pattern scheme does not matter) will be hot, too stiff, and begin to roll down or deform.

Simple model of blouse

Among the most simple in the execution of products crochet- those that have a simple geometric shape and are connected by a continuous cloth. As an example, you can use a summer crochet hook, the diagram and photo of which are shown below.

crochet blouse

Strictly speaking, this is the top on the straps. Its shape is a rectangle. The peculiarity of this product is that the parts of the transmission and the backrest, from the middle and above, are connected according to the same scheme, which then passes into the bodice scheme. From the middle and below the blouse is knitted differently.

Arguments in defense of the pattern

To knit the bodice, you will have to resort to reducing the loops and keeping to a certain shape, but this task is greatly simplified when drawing a pattern.

Many beginners believe that in calculating loops andDrawing patterns is not necessary, and try at random to achieve the desired shape of the part. I must say that any openwork blouse crochet (the outline of such a plan is very difficult to smoothly cut loops) needs knitting by landmarks. Otherwise, you can get an uneven "torn" edge, a significant deviation from the desired contours or a capital violation of the proportions of the part.

This is actual not only for knitting the bodice, but also for details containing throats, armholes and pellets.

Blouse of square motifs

The following model is slightly similar in shape to the previous one, but the canvas consists of separately connected square motifs.

crocheted crocheted pattern

Such a crocheted crochet (the motif is attached)looks very attractive. By the way, you can apply any familiar scheme for making fragments. Attention deserves the principle of location of elements and their connection with each other.

Many magazines recommend connecting suchelements in the process of knitting the last row. However, in this case, you need to constantly monitor the correct arrangement of fragments, each time lay out the canvas and check with the dimensions.

It is much more reasonable to sew them afterthe necessary number of motifs is ready and laid out for the pattern. Then, if you need to adjust the size of the canvas, you do not have to dissolve what is already connected.

The bottom of the product is decorated in the form of corners. If desired, you can perform it smoothly. This possibility is provided by partial crochet. The blouse (the scheme is used only in half) with this method of creating the bottom will look more complete.

Motifs of other shapes as elements of blouse

Look pretty blouses made of motifs of round or hexagonal shape. Their connection is much more complicated than working with square fragments.

In the photo, the blouse is crocheted (the motif scheme can be any), which is collected from large fragments. To fill the space between them, round motifs of lesser shape were used.

crocheted crochet pattern

When connecting such fragments extremelyIt is difficult to get a traditional armhole or a sleeve sleeve. Therefore, it is better to use a raglan sleeve or to plan knitting a wide straight sleeve (as in the photo).

Round element in the composition of the canvas

No one remembers when the first circular pattern,intended for napkins, used as a coquette. Today it is a very popular technique. However, its successful use implies carrying out correct calculations and regular checks with a pattern.

Below is a photo on which the blouse is crocheted (the diagram is next) is connected in this way.

crocheted summer blouse
crocheted crochet for girls

For knitting this particular product the scheme was changed due to the characteristics of the yarn.

The round fragment is very well inscribed inrectangle. The circuit may need to be adjusted if a relatively thick yarn is selected. Then you have to use only a part of the series of circles or narrow the width of the rectangle. In order not to have unpleasant surprises, it is better to calculate the height of each row by the control sample in advance.

Round element at the waist

The large round element described above may beused not only as a coquette. It looks great if you inscribe it in the center of the backrest or transfer the product. Especially interesting look asymmetrical blouses, tunics and dresses with such a circle in the waist or side, on the chest.

Often, when using this technique,knitters create a pattern with concentric rays diverging from the circle. In this way, a product for an adult woman or a crochet hook for a girl can be associated. The scheme of this large circle is constantly subjected to modifications, changes and additions. So do not be afraid to make your own changes. Only need to monitor the observance of the principle of expanding the canvas.