Interior items crocheted have long beennobody surprises. Pretty familiar cushions, napkins, panels or even vases became familiar. However, the idea of ​​creating New Year's ornaments in the form of bells is relatively new. It is actively used in European countries, decorating their homes, trees, windows and doors. In addition, it will allow you to get a pretty cute little present - an openwork bell - a hook. The scheme of such products is not at all simple, but it is available to most skilled workers.

crocheted bell

Yarn for wind chimes

For knitting small items crochet fitsvery thin cotton yarn. At the same time, it is desirable to choose not crumb, but mercerized cotton. This thread is treated with alkali, so it does not puff, has smoothness and torsion.

bell hook pattern
The decor connected from such material is obtainedvery expressive. Otherwise, it will help to get a rather rough and too bulky bell hook. The scheme, as a rule, is designed for the use of yarns with a thickness of about 550-600 m / 100 grams. In extreme cases, you can apply material with a thread length of 450-500 m / 100 grams.

Handbell crochet: diagram and description

crocheted bell pattern and description

The photograph shows a bell, which is knitted as follows:

  • Begin work with a chain of 4 air loops (VP).
  • 1 VP of lifting, 12 half-columns (PS). Semi-columns are performed in the same way as columns with a crochet, but the loop and cap are tied together, not sequentially.
  • 1 VP lift, 1 PS, 1 PS, 2 PS in one loop of the base (that is, double each third PS).
  • 4 VP lift, 1 VP, column with three covers. Repeat the sequence (except the lifting loops).
  • 1 VP of lifting, 32 columns without crochet (RLS). Row repeat two more times.
  • 1 VP of recovery, 4 sc, 20 VP, 1 sc in 5 th VP, 5VP, 4 sc. Repeat 7 times.
  • 1 VP lift, 2 sc, 6 sc in a smaller arch, 8 scin a large arch, 2 VP, 8 RLS in a large arch, 6 RLS in a smaller arch. Sequence: 2 RLS, 6 RLS to a smaller arch, 4 RLS to a large arch, attach a petal to the middle of the nearest lobe, 4 RLS to a large arch, 2 FP, 8 RLS to a large arch, 6 RLS to a smaller arch.

This method will help you to run severalidentical or one small bell-hook, the scheme is not difficult, but skills in working with circular canvases are required. The process can be simplified by linking the petals without attaching them during knitting. They can be sewn after the product is ready.

Fixture for decoration

To make the bell easy to attach to the spruce branchor to another holder, the loop must be attached from above. As a material, the same thread, which was connected with a bell, is suitable, as well as a tape made of satin or organza. In the photo, a plastic circle was tied to a bell with a crocheted tie. It is very convenient and beautiful. You can tie a ribbon from a ribbon to the ringlet or simply put it on a branch.

Hand bells processing

In order for the finished product to keep its shape andperformed its main function, it must be processed. Here with your hands and created a tied bell bell, the pattern and pattern do not matter, you need to put it on a prepared cone of thick cardboard. To paper does not soften, it should be wrapped with polyethylene and then put on the bell.

If the product has a shape different from the cone, then the basis should be given the appropriate form. As an alternative, use light bulbs, cups, curly vases and other suitable items in form.

Putting the bell on the form, it is generously dampedstarch solution, PVA glue or gelatin. After complete drying, a durable and volumetric New Year's bell is produced. A pattern of patterns with large holes may cause the web to be very soft. In this case, it is possible to impregnate the product with a solution several times.