In the creative activity of many beginnersmasters comes the time when the knitting of simple canvases by elementary patterns becomes scarce. The next step is the production of motifs and fragments. They come in completely different shapes, symmetrical or abstract, flat and bulky. This article will consider a butterfly. Hook (the diagram and description of several models, as well as the master class of manufacturing the most simple butterfly are located below) it is not difficult to connect it.

butterfly crochet scheme and description

The principle of knitting butterflies crochet

Embodiment of butterflies in various kinds of appliedart is far from a new idea. This insect, thanks to the variety of species and the brightness of the color of the wings, inspired many craftsmen to create stylized images.

butterfly crochet diagram and description with photo

Crochet is not an exception. Here butterflies are used extremely often:

  • For the manufacture of applications and patches for children's clothing.
  • As a decor for the interior.
  • As an element of Irish lace.

Regardless of the purpose of the decoration, there iselements that any crocheted crocheted butterfly should possess. Scheme and description of all models include the presence of a bull, upper and lower wings, as well as a head with antennae.

Materials for knitting butterflies

If it is a question of making fragments for lace making in Irish or Romanian technique, then the choice of material is not discussed. Use the same thread as for the rest of the fabric.

Cotton, viscose, lurex and any decorative thread often use if you need a lacy interior butterfly crochet. The scheme and description of several models are located below.

butterfly crochet pattern and description for beginners

Picking the color, it is better to stay on light shades, so the pattern will be more clearly visible. It is undesirable to try to knit butterflies from melange threads, the distribution of colors is very difficult to predict.

butterfly crochet scheme and description of the master class

A beautifully tied butterfly crochet(the scheme and description can be any), decorated with beads, paillettes or beads. They sew after the main canvas is ready. If the butterfly is planned to be treated with a solution of gelatin, starch or PVA glue, then do not rush with the sewn decor. The frozen film will deprive the decoration of the gloss.

The most simple butterfly

The following diagram illustrates how you can tie a trim decorative element in just half an hour.

butterfly crochet pattern and description for beginners

Such a bound butterfly crochet (a diagram and a description for beginners to take in the first place) consists of three rows:

  1. Initial ring of four air loops.
  2. Four arches from the air loops, alternating with three columns with a crochet. Two of them (large) form the upper wings, the rest, respectively, small.
  3. In the last row, all wings form, as well as the antennae. This is made possible by combining columns without crochet, half-columns and columns with several crochets.
  4. Antennae are made of chains of air loops with connecting posts. At their ends are a pico of three loops.

More complex bound butterfly crochet: diagram and description, master class

Such decor is knitted in several stages and in different directions:

  1. Begin work with the manufacture of calf. Orienting according to the scheme, it is necessary to knit from below upwards in short rows of columns with a crochet.
  2. The last row forms the head.
  3. Then, without detachment, the threads pass to the knitting of the antennae: the air loops, the pico, and with the help of the connecting bars return to the part of the body.
  4. Strapping the body with chains of air loops.
  5. The upper and lower wings on one side knit together. Orienting by the scheme, it is necessary to connect the first row on the basis of the air loops of the body strapping.
  6. Further both wings are knitted with one cloth.
  7. The formation of the round part that completes each wing is performed by separate canvases.
    butterfly crochet scheme and description of the master class

The second part of the butterfly is knitted symmetrically. This model can be made in two copies, sewed in the center and impregnated with a solution for stiffening. During drying, the wings should be spread out so that they do not touch and form a multi-layered butterfly.

If you follow the recommendations and following the diagrams, the knitter should get a beautiful bound butterfly crocheted. The diagram and description from the photo are given to illustrate the process of knitting and to simplify it.