Elegant drapery of fabric on window or doorIt is capable in any interior to bring refinement and refinement. It can be a separate decorative element or a combination with curtains. As you know, today we will talk about how to sew lambrequins with our own hands. This is not difficult, if everything is done consistently and accurately.

how to sew lambrequins with your own hands

Where to begin

Before you learn about how to sew lambrequinswith your own hands, determine which pattern you need. Then, select the fabric. You will need it for the base, lining and edge. Seamstresses with experience recommend to choose a lightweight fabric for the basis, but it is sufficiently dense to make it well draped in the product. Color and combination with curtains choose according to your own taste.

Now you need to determine how much tissue you need. It depends on what tasks you set for labreken:

  • if you need to visually reduce the high window, then you need an elongated sample;
  • The magnificent voluminous drapery will visually expand the window.

How will lambrequin be fixed?

It can be mounted on the cornice or on the bar,fixed above the cornice. In the first case, the performance is much simpler. It implies the use of curtain tape. In order to fix the lambrequin on the bar, you need to apply Velcro. One part is sewn to the product, and the second is nailed or glued to the bar. In this case, the size of the window visually increases.

Cream fabric

Often, beginning seamstresses ask howsew lambrequins yourself, and whether you need a pattern for this. Of course, one should not do anything by sight. In accordance with the shape of your model, make a pattern pattern. For this, you can use glued newspaper sheets. All the details are made separately (base, lining, edging) and number them. From the front and backing material, cut out the details. For seams leave allowances about two centimeters. The edging strip is equal to the length of the cornice, plus a small margin, so that it can be tucked on the sides.

how to sew lambrequin yourself

We are assembling the product

If you want to know how to sew the lambrequins with your own hands correctly, you should remember that you can not start without scratching or chipping with the pins of the details.

So, fold the main fabric and lining the facialside inward and fasten with pins. Lateral and lower seams stitch on the machine. The upper part of the drapery remains open. On the allowances it is possible to make notches - this will allow the fabric to lie down better. At the top, sew the selected edging, then smooth out all the stitches and stitches well. The finished product should be turned to the front and ironed properly. At the bottom of the lamp can be decorated with fringed, frilled or draped with special tape.

Decorative elements

Many women are interested: how to sew lambrequins with your own hands, so that the product looked original. To do this, you can use decorative elements that will support the basic style of the interior of the room. For example, in the children's room, make an applique (a typewriter, a sun, a butterfly, flowers), give it a density with the help of a doublerine and fix it on a lambrequin. This way you will revitalize any room.

how to sew a soft lambrequin

Today you learned how to sew a soft lambrequin. We hope that our advice will help you to arrange the window exactly the way you dreamed.