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Let's please our daughter, sister or nieceelegant accessory! And inspiration is drawn in the remarkable works of the Czech master Vendula Maderski, known throughout the world. Not a single little fashionista will not be left indifferent by a colorful handbag for a girl crocheted. It would seem that it can be simpler than to tie two squares and a strip, from which then sew a handbag. But Vendula simply works wonders, combining in one work a lot of flowers, decorating products with beads and beads, small buttons, pendants, plastic birds and bells! In the things created to her it is impossible not to fall in love at first sight. "The magic of the hook and needle" - so she calls her work. And knitters from many countries of the world admire her works and create their own caps, handbags and toys in the style of Vendula.

Master and its history

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Vendula was born, grew up and nowlives in the Czech Republic. She learned to knit for about 13 years, however, like many other knitters. This inspiration came to her when she was at home and was engaged in the education of a small daughter. From the multicolored glomeruli and a handful of variegated beads, a lovely handbag for the girl, crocheted, was made. This is the beginning of a "new wave" in knitting. But the exclusive things from the Czech master can not only be bought in ready-made form, but also made independently, because she generously shares both her ideas and her experience. Today Vendula Maderski's main business is not only crocheting handbags, clothes, bright accessories and toys, but also working out the most detailed schemes and descriptions for their work.

Quality mark

knitting handbags
How to determine that the thing turned out? Will the thing bring the same joy in the process of socks, which it brought to the master during manufacture? Will accompany the new owner every day or get dusty in the corner of the closet? Such questions are asked by a Czech knitter, finishing the next work. And if the answer is yes, then the handbag for the girl, crocheted, will go to the small hostess. This is the main evaluation criterion for Vendula, because she considers the main requirement for every thing - the ability to bring joy.

Handbag for the girl, crocheted. Vendula's style

crocheting handbags
We need 3-5 colors of yarn. It is desirable that all the threads are of the same kind, although this is not necessary. You can buy new ones, or you can use the remaining ones. Each color should be literally grams to 50. The main thing is that the colors are bright and in harmony with each other. In addition, we will certainly stock up with wooden buttons, beads, glass beads, beads and ribbons. In general, we will use all that was liked in the hardware store. Crochet Handbags - very exciting business, and we will notadhere to complex schemes, we will experiment! Let's tie the circle first. We will type 10 loops, in each row we will make increments according to this scheme: in one loop we will fasten one column without a crochet, and in the next - two. As a result, the circle will be flat. But with the colors we will play! Yes, and with patterns too: instead of a column without a crochet, you can tie a contrasting string with a crochet, but in the previous row, not forgetting the increments. When the circle is ready, we will walk along a row of columns without a crochet in the opposite direction, but not until the end, to make an oval. We will connect the second circle of the same size, experimenting with colors and textures. To make a handle, you can simply twist the tourniquet or braid the pigtail from the thread. And for the valve we'll make a smaller circle, the brightest and cheerful. That's all! It remains only to sew details and embroider them with accessories as fantasy tells.