Cool summer evening really want tosomething to throw on his shoulders. The best shawl will do for this role. It will keep you warm. At the same time you will not be hot, as it would be if instead of it you had a warm jacket. If in your wardrobe there is still no such product, then it's time to learn how to knit a shawl crochet. The more so because there is nothing difficult in this - provided that you have the skills of handling the crochet.

knit crochet shawl

We need to start with the acquisition of yarn. Experienced masters advise not to buy for the manufacture of shawls thread, which contains a large percentage of synthetic fibers. If you neglect this advice, then the finished product will not keep its shape well, and this will not have the best effect on its appearance. It is best to purchase a thread in which there will be no more than 40% of synthetic fibers. The remaining percentage should fall on natural components. In particular, they include wool, cotton and linen. In this case, knit a shawl crochet will be easy enough, since the thread will not slide. A ready-made thing can be worn for a long time, without fear that it will change unexpectedly its size. At the same time, woolen threads are perfect for winter, and cotton for summer.

tie a shawl crochet

After acquiring the yarn, you must select a scheme. Since the experience of making such products is still not enough, an openwork shawl crocheted in the technique of Irish lace, let it wait a little. You should choose a simple scheme that will allow the product to be formed directly in the process of its manufacture. As a rule, in this case, work starts from the bottom, from the extreme point, and the product is formed in the process of tying the pattern by adding half-rapports on the sides.

Finding a scheme is not so difficult. It is enough to buy a specialized magazine or visit a thematic forum. In the first, a diagram will be printed and a photo will be given, allowing you to estimate the final result. On the second one you can consult with other needlewomen on the creation of the model you like, and also see several possible implementation options. True, only in the event that someone else decided to knit a shawl crochet along the same scheme. Such a lively dialogue will allow you to draw ideas for your creativity. After all, many, creating another masterpiece, hurry to share the result of their work, laying out on the thematic forms of the final photo.

openwork shawl crochet

Communicating on the forum, you can start knitting shawlcrochet, even if before that you made only very simple things. Encouraging girlfriends and competent advice will help you to cope with the most complicated pattern, understand the sequence of patterning and the procedure for adding loops.

After the first product is completelyfinished, maybe you decide to tie a shawl crochet over a more complex pattern. Moreover, many needlewomen say that it is impossible not to fall in love with such products. Many, having connected one thing, subsequently make the whole collection, differing not only in the color of the yarn, but also in the technique of making the product.