Most bank card holders fromSberbank and other banking institutions do not even suspect that their plastic card, which they use daily, has its own bank account. Of course, if you use the card only for everyday payments when buying various goods and services, then you do not need to know this information, since you do not need to deposit it. But in some cases, when you need to receive a money transfer to the card, the sender may require you to name the full details of the Savings Bank for transfer to the card.

sberbank bank details for transfer to the card

Then the client is faced with the needfind out the personal account of your card. Money will come exactly to this account, as it is not always possible to transfer money directly from the card to the card, and if money is to be received from an enterprise, it is simply impossible. Customers involuntarily raise the question of how to transfer money to the Savings Bank card. Bank card details can be found in several ways, which will be discussed in more detail below.

Before you clarify!

Before resorting to any methodclarify the details of the card, see if the operation you decide to commit requires additional information about your card. For example, if you need to transfer money from your card to another person's Sberbank card, then only the last number is needed. Such an operation can be made through an ATM, an Internet banking system or a mobile bank.

Sberbank details for transferring money to the card

If for the money transfer you useMasterCard MoneySend system and Visa Money Transfer, then it will be sufficient to specify the number of the plastic card here. In fact, the details of the bank card can be considered the exact address of the card account, through which all banking transactions are performed. They include the following information:

  • the full name of the banking institution;
  • TIN number of the bank;
  • BIC;
  • the number of the checkpoint of the banking institution;
  • correspondent account of the bank;
  • number of the plastic card (indicated on the front side);
  • number of the account (the account to which the card is tied);
  • the branch number of the Savings Bank, which is indicated on the map.

Method 1. In the banking service agreement

Any relationship with a banking institutionare fixed by the contract, and the drawing up of the bank card is no exception. If you still have a contract for escorting the card that Sberbank issued to you, you can find the details for transferring to the card in it.

If the employer issued a debit card within the salary project, then together with it you will receive an envelope, where information about the personal account assigned to the card and the PIN will be indicated.

Method 2: Call the hotline

Requisites of Sberbank for transfer of money tothe card can be clarified by calling the bank's contact center. During the conversation with the operator, you will need to name your full name, date of birth and the code word that you set when signing a card agreement. If you do not remember the code word, you will be asked to dictate passport data.

In addition, if you have information aboutcard number and the structural unit of the Savings Bank, where the card was drawn up, this will greatly speed up the process of obtaining the necessary information. When recording details for the dictation of the operator you need to be extremely attentive. If you make at least one figure wrong, the money can go to another client of the bank or return to the sender after deduction of the commission of the Savings Bank.

Sberbank details for transferring money to the card

Method 3. Visit the office

You can get the necessary information by going directly to Sberbank. Requisites for transfer to the card will be printed by the bank's employees. This is considered the most reliable way to refine information.

But what if you forgot, in thewhich office of the Savings Bank received a plastic card? Or if you are geographically located in another region of Russia, but the translation is needed now? Unfortunately, not every branch of JSC "Sberbank of Russia" can specify the requisites for payment related to your card. This is due to the unusual structure of the bank. It consists of several territorial banks, which in turn are divided into regional branches. And specialists working in a particular department own the information within their unit. Therefore in such cases it is recommended to use the services of the call center of the bank or in other ways, which will be described below.

sberbank of russia requisites for payment

Method 4. Through an ATM or self-service terminals

Now Sberbank details for transfer to the card allows you to print through an ATM or information-payment terminals. The check will also indicate the personal account.

The process of obtaining requisites in this way is very simple - insert the card into the ATM, find the "Regional payments" section, then select the "Information" item, then "Print the card details".

Method 5. Through the system of "Internet banking"

This is also a very fast and reliable way to learndetails of the Savings Bank for transfer to the card. But he expects access to the Internet. To connect to the Sberbank online system, you can contact the system or register with it through an ATM.

So, how can you learn with the help of the systemInternet banking details of accounts to transfer payments to Sberbank? First you need to log in by entering your login and password. Next, we need the "Maps" section, where we find the "Map information" tab. There will be all the necessary information. We press only the button "Print" - and the requisites in your hands.

But it is worth noting that in this way it is sometimes impossible to find out the score of the card. You will ask why? Let's name the reasons:

  • if the card is a credit card, then Sberbank does not provide such information on it;
  • to display the map data in the system,you should be entered into a contract for banking services with Sberbank, so if the card was received from the employer as part of the salary project, then the field where the account should be specified will be empty.

details of the Savings Bank for transfer to the card

Method 6. On the official website

All necessary bank details can be foundon the official website of OAO Sberbank. Requisites for transfer to the card can be found by clicking on the link "About the Bank", then we are interested in the "Information on the bank" tab, and there you will find details of the branch of the bank where the card was received.

account details for the transfer of payments to a savings bank


These are the most current ways of obtaining informationabout the details of the Savings Bank, which are needed to make money transfers to a bank card. You decide which of these approaches is most convenient for you. If you managed to find out the details of your plastic card, we advise you to save them, since these are very important data that you will need to enter when making money transfers and receiving money.