Probably, there is no person who neverdid not see the classic Khrushchev. These houses, consisting of 4 or 5 floors, with a rather inconvenient layout and a small kitchen and bathroom. However, do not forget, at what times the construction of these houses began. In the sixties it was a real happiness to get such a separate apartment.

brick Khrushchev

Life time

In total there are two types of Khrushchev - panel andbrick. The panel houses were mainly erected as temporary structures and had a service life of 25 years. However, many of them are still up to the present day, as these houses are constantly adding life.

Brick buildings are stronger andreliable, according to design data such a house can stand at least 50 years. At the same time, many of the Khrushchevs, made of bricks, have extended their service life to 150 years. Therefore, in small towns of the country, such houses will stand for more than a decade, there is no plan to demolish these structures.

Short story

It is worth noting that such houses began to be builteven under Stalin, but in a much smaller number. Mass erection of these structures began with the coming to power of Nikita Sergeyevich, it is in honor of him that these houses are called Khrushchevs.

The author of such inexpensive and small-sized houseswas not at all the Chief Secretary of the Party and not people close to him. The government of the USSR borrowed the idea with inexpensive houses from the Frenchman Le Corbusier, it was this man who proposed in France to begin the construction of such small houses. After all, this country was almost completely destroyed after the Second World War, and money for building quality homes was not.

This idea of ​​the French architect in the USSR was madeeven more rational, so the construction of Khrushchev began all over the country. And sometimes such houses built up not only whole districts, but entire cities.

Khrushchev in Moscow

A series of brick Khrushchev

There was a fairly large numbervarieties of these houses. All of them had some differences between themselves. In total, there are more than 20 series of Khrushchev, erected from brick. They were built depending on the specific region, the most popular series in the USSR is the following:

  • 1-447;
  • 1-464 (this house is the most popular in the territory of the former USSR);
  • II-07-19;
  • 1-511.

House Series 1-511

To date, Khrushchev in Moscow can be seen quite often, this series is the most common in the capital, so it is advisable to talk about it.

These five-story buildings are present in almost everydistrict of Moscow, their construction was conducted for 10 years. There are two versions of the modifications: early and late, but they differ only by a slight difference in the height of the ceiling and the quality of the brick.

It should be noted that, if we compare the otherbrick Khrushchev with 1-511, then this series used a better brick. After all, the houses were erected in the capital of a great state. As for the layout, here everything is the same as in the other houses: walk-through rooms, a small kitchen and a bathroom.

brick houses of Khrushchev

Will demolish the Khrushchev in Moscow

Almost all Khrushchev in the capital have a series1-511 and will not be interrupted, as they are still in good enough condition and can last for several decades. There are only a few structures of this model that fall under demolition, but they are already in an emergency situation.

Regarding the issue, will be demolished brickKhrushchev or not, it is difficult to answer unequivocally. In April 2017, the mayor of the capital of Russia announced that strong houses will not be demolished. Under demolition, only those five-story buildings that are in unsatisfactory condition fall.

Some structures will remain as they areat the moment, and some local authorities plan to reconstruct and add a number of storeys. The strongest structures will be higher, they plan to build elevator units in them. Therefore, part of the brick buildings will become modern houses, with new and better quality apartments. Residents of the lower floors will be able to redevelop the brick Khrushchev.

Redevelopment of a two-room apartment

Almost all brick hruschevki have adjacentroom. One room is still good, but the second is very narrow, where not even a large bed can fit. In the overwhelming majority of cases, such houses are suitable for redevelopment, since the apartment has practically no bearing walls. However, before this procedure, it is necessary to consult which walls can be destroyed and which ones do not. Otherwise, there may be very large problems with the structure.

Usually in the Khrushchevs a sitting room, asusual just does not fit. Therefore, the owner of such an apartment has a task, to increase the space, so that it would be convenient to live here. The next photo shows the standard redevelopment of the brick Khrushchev.

re-planning of brick buildings

As you can see, the wall between the kitchen and the living room wasdemolished, which resulted in an extra area of ​​the kitchen area, while the living room also became larger and more modern. The living room was separated by sliding doors, and a small work area turned out. In the bathroom you can put a corner bathroom, which will occupy a little less space, but it will be full, not sitting. As for the washing machine, it is often placed in a brick hrushchevka under the washbasin. Or you can buy an embedded model and install it in the kitchen.

In the room where the bedroom is located, there isa small pantry. After the redevelopment, this space was increased, and the wardrobe turned out. The bedroom itself has lost some area, but now there is no need to place a cabinet, and the room has become more square, rather than long and narrow.

brick Khrushchev will demolish


Brick houses Khrushchev in the Russian capitalare demolished, but only those that have an emergency or unsatisfactory condition. Therefore, if you are going to buy an apartment in such a structure, you should understand that most of the five-story buildings are not planned for demolition in the near future.

According to the policy of the city authorities, at the moment the Khrushchevites are being demolished from the panels, which have already served their time.