Today, many residents of large citiesprefer to buy housing in new buildings located on the outskirts of the metropolis. This decision is very reasonable, if only because in the suburbs of the apartment you can buy much cheaper than in a sleeping area, not to mention the center. Therefore, developers are actively developing the land of suburbs, erecting on the border of megacities modern residential complexes. One such new building is the LCD "Finnish Quarters" in St. Petersburg. That's exactly what everyone says about the location of this complex, although it is located in the Vsevolozhsk district, near the village of Luppolovo. And from the last to the Northern capital only five kilometers. So it turns out that regardless of how the location of the LCD "Finnish Quarter" indicates - in St. Petersburg, in the Vsevolozhsky district, the essence of the matter does not change. In any case, all the owners of apartments in it can consider themselves residents of St. Petersburg.

This retreat was necessary to ensure that,so that there will be no confusion when we tell you what the housing complex "Finnish Quarter" in St. Petersburg receives from those who already live in the commissioned houses and those who are just about to buy an apartment here. After all, it will be a new building located in the suburbs of the metropolis. Even, to be more precise, practically on its outskirts.

Finnish quarter in St. Petersburg

So, what do people say about LCD "Finnish quarters" and its main characteristics, which are always considered by buyers of apartments in any new building?

About the location

Virtually everyone who has already bought an apartment here oris going to do it, they unanimously assert that the developer has chosen the plot for the "Finnish Quarter" LCD quite successfully. In St. Petersburg Vsevolozhsky district is considered one of the safest in terms of environmental conditions, as there are no industrial zones and large-scale production facilities on its territory.

As already mentioned, there are only fivekilometers. Moreover, what people especially emphasize in their responses, two metro stations - "Ozerki" and "Prospekt Prosveshcheniya" - are located within a 15-20 minute drive from the LCD "Finnish Quarter". In St. Petersburg, not every resident can boast of such proximity of the metro to the house. What can we say about the outskirts.

About the complex and the developer

Construction began in 2013, in 2015 there werecommissioned two three-story buildings, in which at the moment people are already living. At the end of 2016, six more second-line houses will be commissioned. At the moment, they are selling apartments on the basis of equity participation.

Finnish quarters in St. Petersburg

IC Element-Concrete - developer of LCD "Finnishquarter "- in St. Petersburg enjoys well-deserved respect and trust from buyers. The company has more than one successfully completed project of such a plan, which indicates its great experience in the real estate market. In addition, the developer uses the methods and achievements of Finnish builders, which allow to build really high-quality housing in the special climate of St. Petersburg.

"Finnish quarters" are built onmonolithic-panel technology with the use of three-layer structures, thanks to which the houses are warm, which people in their reviews certainly mention. In addition, many residents say that the walls in the apartments are extremely thick, so they do not penetrate through the noise. The developer in the design of houses focused on large-scale glazing, which is very popular with the residents of the quarter. The owners unanimously assert that their apartments due to this method have turned out to be bright and spacious.

I like the inhabitants of the complex andarrangement of yards. As already mentioned, the design was carried out on the basis of the Finnish concept of construction, which was reflected in the improvement of the territory of the LCD "Finnish Quarter". In St. Petersburg, not every house can boast of such an abundance of sports grounds for children and adults, bicycle paths and recreation areas.

About transport

Almost all who already live in the surrenderedcorps, in one voice argue that the transport accessibility of the complex at altitude. Near the houses there is a bus stop and minibuses, where you can quickly reach the subway. Not far from the complex there are two railway stations, from the platforms of which electric trains go to Finland station. As for motorists, they are happy with the fact that in three kilometers there is a convenient exit to the roundabout, which can be reached in half an hour to Nevsky or drive to the roads of the region.

residential complex in the Finnish quarter in St. Petersburg reviews

About the infrastructure

Anyone who has already bought a property or onlyis going to buy apartments in the LCD "Finnish Quarter" in St. Petersburg, believe that the infrastructure component of it is quite good. Yes, some complain that there are practically no shops on the territory of the complex. However, this business is fixable. After the completion of the construction all the first floors of the buildings will be given for commercial objects, so for now it is just necessary to suffer. But literally in 10 minutes you can easily reach several large supermarkets, including Auchan, Ikea, Maxidom, and a large shopping and entertainment center.

Nearby there are several schools and kindergartens. On the territory in due course will work and own kindergarten, the construction of which goes in parallel with the erection of houses. So, there are no special claims regarding the provision of infrastructure objects to people.

residential complex in the Finnish quarter in St. Petersburg

About apartments

Total will be put up for sale 778 residentialpremises. You can buy as a fairly compact studio, and 1-2-3-4-room apartments. "Finnish Quarters" (in St. Petersburg, this format is not uncommon) belong to the class of "comfort." Therefore, housing is offered here. All apartments are ergonomic and functional, the premises are spacious and bright, with large kitchens and halls. As for the layouts, the choice of them is more than varied, so that, as evidenced by the testimonials of buyers, it will not be possible to choose the suitable variant of labor. The area of ‚Äč‚Äčapartments - from 22 to 150 square meters.

What people especially like is thatThe living space can be purchased with three types of finishes to choose from. With roughing, pre-cleaning and finishing. This gives one the opportunity to save on buying, the second to do everything in the apartments with his own hands, and the third - to immediately start a housewarming.

the Finnish quarter in St. Petersburg

About prices

As for the cost (and this is from 1 390 000 to 13000 000 rubles for the apartment), then, of course, it can not be called affordable. However, none of those who have already bought or just going to buy apartments, especially not grumbles. After all, this is a comfort-class accommodation, and everyone understands this. Nevertheless, some experts believe that the developer slightly overstated the bar, as the new building is located outside the metropolis, and therefore the cost of housing could be lower.

apartments finnish quarters in st. petersburg


Residential complex "Finnish Quarter" inSt. Petersburg, of course, is not the only new building. Nevertheless, it is nevertheless strongly recommended that anyone who is currently in search of suitable housing is sure to include it on their list. After all, LCD has a lot of advantages, as evidenced not only by the almost complete absence of negative reviews, but also by the fact that apartments in the "Finnish Quarters" are bought up quickly enough.