Most often young families have to wander aroundroom or live with their parents, which increases the number of divorces. About individual housing, many couples have only to dream, but own housing is a realistic dream! How to buy an apartment if there is no money? It is this problem that we will solve in this article.

Preparatory stage for apartment

It is necessary to dream about an apartment correctly, namely, to paint your dream for goals and tasks. Therefore, you need to answer the following questions.

  • You will buy an apartment for cash or take incredit? If for cash, then make a list of people from whom you borrow on interest or without them, and for how long. If you take a loan, then register banks (name, contact details and mortgage rate with a term).
  • In which district do you want to buy housing? How many rooms will be in the apartment? What kind of area do you want?
  • How much money do you need for housing in the desired area? For example, you want to buy a 1-room apartment, so in a specific area, you call all the ads to clarify the price policy.
  • How can I get extra income? How long will it take to receive the required amount?
    how to buy an apartment if there is no money

This stage lasts as long as the young familywill not get a mortgage or buy an apartment. Therefore, it may take several years or several months. But you need to constantly be aware of the cases! That is, there are different stocks in banks where families with income of 15-20,000 rubles per month can go without guarantors.

Or meet housing, where the owners urgentlymove abroad to live abroad and sell an elite apartment with furniture for a penny. But to "catch luck by the tail", you need to constantly ring up all the banks, people you know and on private ads.

How to buy an apartment if there is no money for a mortgage?

Many banks do not miss young families because of theirlow solvency. For example, Sberbank has strict requirements for a mortgage loan: for a family of 3 people, the income must be at least 45,000 rubles, two sureties with no less income and no credits, and a bunch of certificate documents.

how to buy an apartment without money

In this case, how to buy an apartment without money? Look for banks where the action is taking place on new buildings (the rates are higher and requirements are more stringent), when a family with a monthly income of 20 thousand rubles can get a mortgage for 15 years with a 12% interest rate without guarantors with a minimum package of documents (a personal income tax certificate on incomes for half a year, copies of the passport, work record book and diploma of education). This is due to the fact that in the period of the action, banks do not take into account the expenses of the family, but only look at the profitability.

We take a mortgage, where can I get money for a contribution?

Mortgages are the main way to buyapartment, if there is no money. The down payment requires a minimum of 10% of the cost of housing. At present, there are companies that build new buildings from 950,000 rubles. Then the initial installment is enough to collect 95 thousand rubles.

This amount can be collected with cash by ownforces. For example, maternity benefits and maternity leave can make up the amount of the down payment. If the family is expecting a second child, it can receive maternity capital, through which it is possible to reduce the mortgage rate.

buy 1 bedroom apartment

Once you have decided on the bank,documents and wait for the management's decision. After receiving the loan for a few more months (3-6), you gradually collect documents for getting an apartment in the property, which will be advised by different specialists from the developer and the bank.

Therefore, to make your dream come true,it is necessary to draw up a plan of action, weighing each decision, and go to the goal, not turning off, finding new opportunities! Only in this case the question: "How to buy an apartment, if there is no money, in just a couple of years?" - will not put you at a dead end.