Purchase and sale of real estate in other statesin the last few years has become a very attractive area of ​​investment among our citizens. This trend is due not so much to the fact that the welfare of Russians has suddenly increased, but the fact that the attractiveness and profitability of such transactions often exceeds the capacity of bank deposits. Another important

purchase of real estate
criterion, which turned the foreign marketreal estate in the "tidbit" for our compatriots, was the cost of houses and apartments, which, thanks to the 2008 crisis, fell to indecently small values.

As noted by US analysts, Westernand Eastern Europe, there is a kind of "boom", characterized by increased buying activity of Russians, for whom buying and selling real estate of various classes has become the main area of ​​investment. The most popular countries are the resort and tourist zone: the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Italy, Spain, Greece, as well as Britain and the southern states of America. The sale of elite real estate to Russian citizens in these regions is rapidly gaining momentum. Our compatriots buy not only economy class housing, but also profitable houses, small hotels and expensive mansions.

Buying and selling real estate in the European region is not only an opportunity

sale of elite real estate
Keep your own funds, but enoughAn effective way to increase your capital. Often, the purchase is not for your own residence in the territory of a certain country, but for its transfer to the indigenous residents (Trade-in). So, for example, in England a rather large percentage of quite successful families prefer to rent a house, rather than become its owner. This is due to the fact that there is no need to pay quite large taxes (the so-called stamp duty, for example). Moreover, in the event of a worsening financial situation, it is easier to change a rented apartment than to keep it as an owner.

For Russians, the same purchase and sale of real estateappears in a slightly different aspect. First, such an acquisition is the guarantor of the safety of monetary funds, which in our country are steadily depreciating. Secondly, even the purchase of housing in a mortgage in foreign countries is more profitable than in Russia (for example, in Britain there are

sale of real estate abroad
bank programs, the rate on whichis only 5-7%). The cost of renting real estate in Europe allows not only to extinguish debt on a loan for its acquisition, but also to receive small but income. In a number of countries, buying property can be the first step towards obtaining the citizenship of this state.

Sale of real estate abroad has become the subject ofthe activity of many agencies that carry out professional selection and assessment of the object, help with the verification of the legality of the transaction, provide comprehensive legal support to Russian investors in choosing a credit program, and searching for tenants. You can do without the help of such organizations, of course, but the chance to make a profitable deal is significantly reduced. If you are not a specialist in the real estate market of a particular country, do not know the language, do not know the subtleties of taxation and other nuances that each country has, then buying and selling real estate can be a disappointment for you. To save on professional fees in this case is short-sightedness, not practicality.