Currently, a huge number of peoplereceive higher and secondary special education on a fee basis. Nevertheless, many do not know that it is possible to return the income tax for studies.

Features and requirements

Tax Refund for Study

This can be done if the following conditions are met:

1. The education you or your children receive must be the first.

2. Obligatory receipt of training within the home state. Thus, in the event that you attended classes abroad, you can not expect a tax refund for studies.

In this case, the form of education does not in any wayaffects the implementation of payments. In addition, there is no distinction depending on the form of ownership of the educational institution. Consequently, the student can be trained both in public and private universities. It is also important to remember that the person who paid for education can claim the tax refund for studies. Such a person can be a student, his parents, a trustee, a spouse and others.

Tax refund for studies: documents

Refund of income tax for studies

In the modern world, it is quite natural thatthe state of things in which many actions of an individual are described by legislative norms and acts. Therefore, the tax refund for studies is also required on the basis of the relevant documentation. So, let's see what is needed for the above procedure. To begin with, a copy of the passport or any other document certifying the identity of the individual receiving education in the institution is required. Also need a certificate from the university (college, institute, etc.) that the person they are studying. Then you should contact the accounting department at your place of work and take a certificate of income received for the year. In addition, it is necessary to attach copies of documents on payment and, in fact, the contract, on the basis of which the calculation is carried out. In the event that you make payments for education by your spouse or your children, you must provide the required certificates - about marriage and the birth of children, respectively.

Tax Refund for Study Documents

What do we get?

As a result of the collection of all the abovedocuments and filing with the tax service, the necessary recalculation is made and the tax on education is refunded. Nevertheless, this does not mean that you will be given all the funds previously contributed. Only a certain percentage of the tax paid will return. How can I calculate it? Everything is simple enough. The current legislation proposes to add up the entire amount that was spent for training, and multiply the received value by a coefficient of 0.13. The result will be accruals, which in the future will be transferred to the account of the person paying tuition fees in the higher or secondary specialized institution. It is also important to remember that it is possible to return part of the income tax only for the last three years. An earlier tax history is considered obsolete.