Everyone needs their own home and personalspace. At the same time, housing in many countries of the world is quite expensive. Probably, it is for this reason that miniature apartments are becoming more popular. What area has the smallest apartment in the world and where is it located?

Eastern minimalism

The smallest apartment in the world
Many Chinese present palaces would seemdespised by our compatriots small-scale "Khrushchev." In China, in the province of Hubei, many young people for years have to live in miniature apartments. Often the total area of ​​such housing does not exceed 4.5 m2. Probably, this is where the smallest apartment in the world is located.

China today is the record holder in this category, but Japan is not far behind it. In many cities of the Land of the Rising Sun, there is an economy class housing of about 6 m2. Living area in Japan is measured in tatami (90x180 cm), apartments in 3-4 tatami are in demand. They live here usually ordinary students, which is remarkable, there is a similar accommodation, even in Tokyo.

What are the advantages of such micro-apartments? Rent by the pocket for everyone and there is a choice of a suitable area. What is remarkable, as a rule, there is no normal soul in such apartment-rooms.

A sought after mini apartment in the UK

The smallest apartments in the world photo

In any country, housing in the capital is more expensive thanin the province. Many people dream of living in the most important city of the state, but real estate prices do not allow to realize this dream in reality. Many UK residents believe that the smallest apartment in the world is in London. This housing area is only 7.5 m2, in which there is everything necessary for the life of onerights. Designed a micro-apartment specifically for those who dream of living in the British capital, but very constrained in the means. What is noteworthy, after exhibiting an unusual object for sale for the first week, it wished to buy more than 100 people.

Affordable life in Manhattan

The most advertised smallest apartment in the world is in the USA. On an area of ​​8.3 m2 housed a high-grade sleeper,a lot of shelving for storage and even a shower with a toilet. This housing is a vivid example of a genius tiered zoning. The bed is located under the ceiling, the distance from the mattress to the sleeping place is only 57 cm. Compact housing can be called elite, because it is located in the prestigious area Upper West Side (Manhattan). Fame this smallest apartment in the world received thanks to its tenant - Felice Cohen. The woman works as a designer and is proud of how functional and cozy she managed to organize her living space.

The smallest apartments in the world of planning

French chic for 12 m2

The French also like to live in historical or simply prestigious areas of their cities. Not surprisingly, there is its smallest apartment in the world in Paris. The living area is 12 m.2. Unlike all previous miniatureapartments, the Parisian version is not intended for the permanent stay of only one person. The French mini-apartments boast a bar, a sofa for guests and a double bed. Sounds incredible? But it's true, thanks to the use of a large number of modern furniture-transformers. Depending on the mood and needs of residents, the premises can change their appearance and functionality very quickly. Similar housing exists in many regions of France, and invariably it enjoys a rather high demand.

Russian small apartments

The smallest apartment in the world in Paris

In our country for a long periodpublic utilities used to be popular. These are quite large in the total area of ​​residential apartments, in which separate rooms owned by different owners, and non-residential premises were common. The very idea of ​​individual small apartments for Russia is new. In modern times, such housing is becoming more popular. And yet, if you look at the smallest apartments in the world (photos in our article), their Russian counterparts amaze with their size and degree of comfort.

For example, in Moscow a miniature record recognizes housing, the area of ​​which is as much as 16 m2. Such apartments are in Lublino, especially surprising their kitchen, an area of ​​3 m2. Against the background of such variants, the standard "Khrushchev", whose total area is from 30 m2, really seem incredibly spacious and big.

Should we expect a pull to minimalism from Russiandevelopers? That's a moot point. On the one hand, the demand for small apartments (mainly "studios") is available. But we must not forget about the simple law of the real estate market: the smaller the total footage of housing, the more expensive it costs 1 m2.

Secrets of arrangement of apartments of small area

The smallest apartment in the world of china

Can a small housing area becomfortable? Everything depends on the number of people living in the apartment, their household habits and needs. If desired, even the minimum area can accommodate all the necessary areas. Look at the smallest apartments in the world, the layouts in them vary, but the general rules of registration remain unchanged. Visually increase the volume of the room can be using light colors and glossy surfaces. The most suitable interior styles for decoration of small apartments - minimalism and high-tech. Give up excess decor in the interior.

It is also useful to regularly audit your personal belongings and get rid of unnecessary things. This simple rule combined with regular cleaning of the premises will help you get rid of the clutter and tightness.

Furniture transformers are manufactured today onmany factories. And this is not only the usual sofa beds, but also modern partitions, folding countertops and built-in berths. Such solutions will create the most comfortable conditions for living even in a limited area.

Do not forget about the principle of verticalzoning. The loft bed will be an excellent alternative to the traditional sleeping place, if you want to make a podium, do not forget about the creation of storage boxes in it. All these simple solutions perfectly save space and only increase the functionality of the room.