Not so long ago the policies of OSAGO have risen in price,because of what the motorists had to spend a lot more money in order to protect themselves on the road. Such events led to the formation of non-accredited organizations on the insurance market, offering citizens to obtain a policy for less money. Of course, if you check the policy of OSAGO for SAR, then you can easily determine its reliability. This is not particularly difficult.

However, some auto owners intentionallybuy such fakes, in case of a meeting with a traffic police officer not receive a fine. Nevertheless, if he decides to check the OSAGO policy on SAR, then the car owner will have to answer in court for using a fake document.

to check the policy of the sheep on the rsa

In addition, invalid insurance formscan play a cruel joke in the situation of an accident. If the driver is actually the culprit of the accident, he will have to recover all the damage from his pocket. Of course, scammers will not do it for him.

That is why, after acquiring the document,experts recommend to check the policy of OSAGO on the basis of the SAR (Russian Union of Auto Insurers). If the "autocitizen" turns out to be fake, then on the official website of the organization or at the nearest representative office it is possible to file complaints and try to recover damages from the scammers.

How it works

To check the OSAGO policy on the basis of SAR,it is not necessary to study the data of the insurance companies themselves or to require special information from them. The easiest way is to go to the official website of the Union of Motor Insurers and go to the section "Check the policy of OSAGO". Then you need to choose "Information on policyholders". After that, a special form will open, in which you will need to enter the series and number of the insurance form. When all data is specified, it remains only to click on "Search" and wait for verification.

to check the policy of the sheep on the authenticity of the psy

How to verify the policy of OSAGO for authenticity of SAR

To determine whether this form is "avtograzhdanki, just look at the result of the test:

  • In this policy will be listed his number, series,the date of execution and termination of the contract. Also, the name of the company that issued it will be displayed. In addition, users can specify the status of the form. Usually the site indicates that it is in the hands of the car owner. All data in the table must fully comply with the information specified on the paper policy. If the status or other facts do not coincide with the reality, it is recommended to contact the policyholder.
  • If you check the number of the policy of OSAGO by SARit is possible and instead of the table with data about the insurer there is an error "Form is not found", it only says that the holder of the document has purchased the counterfeit paper. In this case, it is necessary to contact the feedback on the website and clarify the further actions.

What other variants of invalid policies are

Sometimes, before checking the MTPL policy forSAR, motorists are surprised to find that the "Status" field indicates that the form is located at the insurer. In this case, the car owner was given a simple copy, not the original document. Therefore, it is necessary to contact the insurers as soon as possible and find out the reasons for this error.

to check the policy of the sheep on the basis of the rsa

Also, if you check the OSAGO policy by number, the baseSAR can give out the third option. In this case, the "Status" field will indicate that the form has completely lost its validity. In addition, the date of conclusion and termination of the contract will not be specified. This means that this policy was actually issued to the car owner, but after that the document was canceled unilaterally. The driver could not even guess about it.

In addition, in the "Status" column it can be indicated,that the policy is in the hands of a car enthusiast. Also the dates of conclusion and termination of the contract will be written. The latter parameter is very important, since if the term of the contractual obligations has already expired, then the form itself is considered to be overdue.

How to identify authenticity by visual characteristics

Of course, it is impossible to check the OSAGO policy on SAR immediately. Therefore, being in the office of the insurer, it is worth to carefully study the issued form:

  • Its height should be slightly longer than a regular sheet of A4 paper.
  • On the front side there must be a special bluish-green green micro-grid.
  • The certificate must be distinguished by well-visible watermarks on which "SAR" is indicated.
  • On the right side on the back side there should be a small metal strip (not more than 2 mm in width), designed for additional protection of the document.
  • The policy paper itself is made with a splotch of red villi, which must also be present on the form.

check the number of the policy of settlement

You also need to pay attention to the ink. If after several minutes of holding the form, there are traces of paint on the fingers, then this indicates that the document is guaranteed to be counterfeit. Ink should not be spread or smeared.

In addition, it is worth remembering that the policy number must consist of a 10-digit code, which is indicated in the upper right part of the form. In this case, the figures themselves should be slightly convex.

To date, it is allowed to issue forms only one series - EEE. If the car owner is offered to issue another type of policy, then he is dealing with scammers.

What to do if I bought a fake form

As soon as the motorist managed to check the policyOSAGO on the authenticity of the SAR and find out that he is holding a fake document, he must contact the police. Also, you will have to buy a new form and give it to the servants of the law.

check the policy of the sheep by the number of the base of the rsa

If this is not done, then when meeting withinspector of the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate, he will have the right to accuse the car owner of a purposeful acquisition of an invalid document. It is important to remember that such an offense is criminal.

In custody

Fake poles of "autocitizen" are not onlythose certificates that scammers make specifically. Sometimes scammers steal empty forms of insurance offices and use them for their own purposes. To never face such problems, it is best to contact proven insurers. In doing so, it is worthwhile to examine in detail the information about the selected company and clarify the status of its license.