Numerous adjustments made inthe economy of many countries the world crisis, do not change the relevance of investing in real estate. A simple philistine, investing his savings in the construction of residential facilities, skillfully retains his savings. In connection with the change in the trend of resale of real estate has ceased to bring tangible income, which led to the emergence of completely new sources of profit for large investors. An apartment house is a popular alternative to buying a property. The construction of these residential buildings was carried out earlier and was officially canceled back in 1917.

Let's glance into the past

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An apartment house is an object from an isolatedThe real estate segment, which is used by its owner as a long-term investment project. The first buildings of this type were erected in Europe in the early 17th century. It was in England, Germany and France, for the first time, that the idea of ​​providing their own housing for temporary use to third parties began to be promoted. In the past, the opportunity to make a quick sale of housing was not available, which is why there was a tendency to erect luxurious mansions. The most famous architects were involved in the construction process, and the structures were located in the most picturesque places. The finished buildings were fitted into a separate type of real estate, which was considered the decoration of the world's largest cities.

What did the apartment houses of the past look like?

The first apartment house was aapartment building, on one of the floors lived a landlord with his family. On the floor could be located the homeowner's office, store or warehouse. A characteristic feature of the designs was the presence of stucco decoration on the facade, beautiful statues, bas-reliefs and columns. In the exterior there could be gilding. Decoration was present only on that part of the building that went out into the streets. The facades, directed to the inner part of the courtyard, were made out very simply and did not have any frills. Apartments that were part of profitable houses in Moscow and other cities had an identical layout. They almost always grouped around galleries, corridors and staircases. The building occupied almost the entire territory of the site, which was allocated for it. The only free space is the patio, which served for short-term walks of tenants with children and for drying clothes.

How was the history of the houses in the Russian Empire formed?

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The first profitable house is a construction, absolutelynot characteristic of the architecture of the past. Such a structure appeared on the territory of the largest cities of the empire only in the 17th century. Only 50 years was needed to make the buildings become very popular and in demand. In the past, there was a tradition: every merchant, merchant or any other well-off person who respects himself must have erected at least one such construction, on the signboard of which the surname of his owner will be indicated. By the beginning of the revolution in Russia there were at least 600 buildings of this type. They decorated the streets of Moscow and Odessa, Kiev and Gomel.

Development of profitable houses on the basis of changes in legislation

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In the 19th century, as a result of significant changes in thelegislation of the Russian Empire, the first floors of the structures could be surrendered under the atelier, under the shop, under the shops and confectioneries. The second floor was intended for office premises. On the third floor of the building there were apartments, rented by noblemen, industrialists and merchants. Actors and artists, retired military men and students lived in the attic floors. A small room cost the tenant 15-30 rubles a month, and multi-room apartments cost from 500 to 1000 rubles. Access to rental of this category of housing was open to all.

The emergence of ideas

Profitable house - this is the theme, which in the lasttime is discussed quite often, which has a direct bearing on the active development of the domestic real estate market. The structures, in fact, are multi-apartment buildings in which all apartments are oriented to letting. For the first time the idea of ​​erecting a structure of this category appeared among the statesmen of St. Petersburg, who in this way are trying to solve the housing problem for ever. According to their assessment, low-income residents of the country who do not have the opportunity to acquire their own home will not only be able to rent apartments that offer lucrative homes in the Nevsky district. They can live there happily and comfortably. This idea does not belong to the category of innovation, which is quite evident from the history presented above.

The relevance of projects in 2015

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The relevance and profitability of projects is justifiedthe fact that the housing stock of Russia of the 20th century has significant differences from the present day fund. In the past, large cities were formed from large households and noblemen's mansions, which were oriented solely to one family. Simple employees who actively migrated to major cities could not buy or rent their homes, since the proposals were more limited to 1,500-square-meter palaces. A profitable house is not just a solution to actual problems with housing, it is also a response to the demand on the market and simply a highly profitable business.

Is there a demand for rental housing in Russia?

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Demand for rental housing in Russia in recentseveral years has grown significantly. A huge number of people are looking for affordable housing. Many, trying to profit by meeting the demand, rent out rooms in their apartments or entire apartments inherited. There is also a more serious group of investors who specifically repair the apartments in order to provide them for hire. Such an approach and stable earnings provides, and funds helps to save in times of instability in the economy. Analysts note that profitable houses in St. Petersburg interest people much more than offers from private traders. This is ensured by the stability of partnership. The situation when the owner can ask to release housing due to his life circumstances is completely excluded. You can talk about a simple and transparent scheme of partnership and confidence in the future. A profitable house (photo of such buildings is in the review) brings benefits not only to its owners, but also to the state, which gets the opportunity to legalize the real estate market.

A look at construction as a business

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Today profitable houses in Moscow do theirowners in the same amount as ordinary houses, apartments in which it is planned to simply sell. When building a typical house, the owner returns to himself the funds invested in the construction, for only 5 years. Similarly, the profit is obtained within the same period. At the same time, the loan for the construction of the structure is paid off as quickly as possible by investing in the process of building the buildings of future tenants. With regard to profitable houses, then their payback is from 13 years and more, which automatically leads to an increase in interest on the loan for the period of interest. Ultimately, the project will provide a stable passive income of a large size, but few of today's entrepreneurs are ready to work on such a long-term prospect.

How can the government help?

Due to the fact that the segment of apartment houses inRussia is not highly developed, it is considered unattractive for businessmen and investors. The government, for its part, can not take any effective measures, since granting benefits or subsidies for construction, mitigation of taxes or preferential prices for land, ultimately does not solve the state problem. Rent rate, even with lower costs for the construction of housing, remains the same. Despite the active discussion at the government level of this topic, virtually no active action is being taken. An alternative for business with a parallel solution of the housing issue at the state level will become available only when the market for this segment of real estate grows and, due to the abundance of supply, becomes more affordable for low-income citizens. As an option, an apartment house, feedback on the level of accommodation in which only please, can be fully sponsored from the budget, but these projects are not yet provided for these projects.

When will the turn of the apartment houses come?

The structure of market relations states thatThe proposal will be formed until the demand completely exhausts itself. To begin with, the active development of the Russian real estate market can be observed only during the last ten years. At a time when rental markets occupy a worthy segment in the developed countries' markets, in Russia it is only beginning to appear in the form of organized buildings. Today, developers tend to build conventional housing, which pays off more quickly, and revenue brings in the coming years. As long as there is demand, this trend will not change. An apartment house, whose staff comments attract attention to the positive sides of the project, will be in demand when buyers of real estate exhaust themselves, and the market will be dominated by demand from the poor for affordable housing in terms of rent. At the same time, there will be a drop in interest in buying apartments, which will form a fierce competition among developers in this segment and increase risks. This will be a turning point, when developers begin to give preference to such projects as, for example, profitable houses in the Nevsky district.

Basic principles of construction in 2015

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Basic principles of construction and development of housingunder the lease in Moscow, were to appear in the General Plan of the city, the approval of which was scheduled for 2015. Profitable house, feedback of employees about which always sound in a positive way, in the long term can become a highly profitable project. In the future, it is planned to change the specifics of construction. The following issues were considered and rejected during the discussion of the problem: reduction of standards for lighting, changes in sanitary and epidemiological standards, safety standards. In accordance with the preliminary plans, the first profitable house will appear on the reorganized industrial zones. Pushkino will not be its location, but the territory of New Moscow, Zelenograd and the Northern Administrative District - is quite possible. As for the developers themselves, they are not very happy with the government's desire to develop the rental housing market. In their opinion, the apartment house (Pushkino) at this point in time is not promising in terms of profits. This is due not only to high interest rates on loans, but also relates to the long payback period of the project. A large role is played by the availability of more profitable segments in the Russian real estate market.