For those who want to live not in Moscow itself, but nevertheless at the closest distance to it, LCD "Barbaris" offers comfortable apartments at real Moscow prices.

LCD Barberry


The developer chose to erect LCD "Barbaris"Mytischi. Only twenty minutes on foot - and you get into the subway. But its address is the Moscow region, the city of Mytishchi. What makes the cost of housing affordable for citizens, because the developer is forced to sell it not at Moscow prices, but in Moscow region. And they are not in the example below.

LCD Barbaris Mytischi

LCD "Barbaris" is located on Kolpakov Street andoccupied a plot of more than ninety-four hundred. Nearby Pirogov Forest Park and the River Borisovka give residents the opportunity to enjoy socializing with nature in their spare time, fry a shish kebab, swim.


LCD "Barbaris" is onemonolithic-brick twelve-story building, in which two hundred and fifteen apartments were designed. The exterior of the building is very original and pleases with panoramic glass.

LCD Barberry Moscow

Each apartment - a total area of ​​thirty-fiveup to eighty-six square meters. This allows you to choose a living space for your needs. The residential fund has all types of sought-after apartments: from one-to three-room apartments. All apartments in LCD Barberry "surrender without interior decoration. From the wind protect plastic windows with single-glazed double-glazed windows. The balconies are glazed with aluminum systems. The height of the ceilings will please the tall people. The higher the apartment, the lower they are. So, on the first floor you can safely populate people with a height of three meters sixty centimeters. But the last floor is ready to be placed only slightly above two and a half meters.

Lower level

The lower level in LCD "Barbaris", in contrast togenerally accepted construction, is not uninhabitable. It also designed residential apartments. Only fifty square meters are allocated for offices. In addition, there are technical premises for household equipment and dispatching. The guard of the complex and the access mode will be observed by concierges, for which special groups with bathrooms will be built.

LCD Barbaris reviews


The residential complex will not force its residentsexperience no inconvenience. The project of its territory provides for improvement. Children can play on the new children's playground. Adults have the opportunity to park their cars in the parking lot. And the eyes of everyone will please lawns and flower beds with different colors.

In addition, if you want, you can useunderground two-level parking located not far away. It accommodates more than ninety cars. Protection will ensure the safety of expensive property.

Moscow or not

In the Moscow region of Mytishchi cozy nestledLCD Barberry. Moscow is practically visible from the windows of the house. And the metro is within walking distance. But geographically it's still not the capital. And so the cost per square meter is also not metropolitan. What allows people to buy it.

And the rest is the same as in the main city of the country. A lot of supermarkets for every taste and purse. For children there is a school and kindergartens. If you suddenly need medical help - a network of medical centers, a polyclinic and a hospital.

The construction of a residential complex in the already built-up area has its undeniable advantages: the entire infrastructure is already available, and there is no need to wait for its construction.

The same is true of the metro, or ratherits availability. From the complex you can easily reach the nearest metro station. Since it is only six kilometers from the Moscow Ring Road. Moreover, the stop of public transport is located right next to the complex. In the future, the construction of a subway is planned, the station of which will be located near the complex. The new metro station will significantly improve the quality of life of the residents of the complex, increase comfort. But at the same time, and increase the cost of housing.

LCD "Barbaris", reviews

Reviews about this residential complex are mostly onlypositive. Which is not surprising. After all, it is designed and built in the very heart of Mytischi. To the services of its residents the entire infrastructure of the city is provided. Of course, there are dissatisfied with small parking spaces. But this is not only a disaster, but the whole of Moscow and the Moscow region.

By the silence and tranquility of life in the complex, you canput a solid five. There is no thunder of the big city, life is more leisurely. Numerous shuttle buses and buses will take the settling complex anywhere. In the surrounding shops and hypermarkets you can find any necessary goods: from the ballpoint pen to the furniture.

Among other things, is located nearbyPirogovsky forest park, where it is so nice to spend time with family and friends, to fry a shish kebab in the fresh air, to bathe in the river Borisovka flowing nearby. This can not offer a nearby metropolis. A "Barbaris" - please.

Apartments in LCD Barberry

Over time, the investment value of residentialarea in the complex will significantly increase. Therefore, even those who do not want to move here to permanent residence, but are looking for wherever it is profitable to invest savings, can buy an apartment and not lose. Since over time it can be sold significantly at a higher price. And thereby make a bargain. The construction of a subway near only will increase the cost of apartments. Therefore, if there are still doubts about moving to "Barbaris", they can stay behind.