State property, fundsbudget, state property. These phrases can be described in one word. This is the treasury. But is this conviction always correct? Is the interpretation of this word unique?

the meaning of the word treasury

Where did it come from?

The word is borrowed from the Turkic languages, but inold times. It was used by the inhabitants of Ancient Rus. In the Turkic peoples, it meant "treasure". After all, initially treasuries and gold accumulated in the treasury.

According to the etymological dictionary compiled by Shansky NM, Ivanov VV and Shanskaya T. B, the primary source of the concept being studied is in Arabic. In it, it is written as chisaneh, chasneh, which means "treasure". His version - chasana, that is, the verb - "save", which also easily refers to the treasury. After all, it determines the economic balance of the country.

treasury is

Basic Interpretation

The treasury is state property, includingnumber of budget funds that are not distributed among enterprises, organizations and institutions. It is used in phrases with such words: state, military, monastery, municipal formation.

On the other hand, the treasury is simply money and values. Then it is often used as an adjective. For example, a government account or property.

Other meanings of the word "treasury"

The first of these is a special term thatis a synonym for a breech. That is, in the mortar cannon the treasury is the back end of the trunk, the place where the shell is placed. This name arose because of the fact that a stigma was placed on its back.

There is still an obsolete application of the said word. So, in the Russian hut part of the passage was separated by a partition. She played the role of a closet and was called a crook or treasure.

A part of the tent of the tatar-mishars was also called. It was reserved for the kitchen.

From the history of Russia

In the fifteenth-sixteenth century in the Russianstate there was such a central executive body - the treasury. This body controlled the collection of most of the nation-wide direct taxes, customs fees. His duties included checking the performance of certain duties (for example, Yamskoy), as well as how the service of gunners, pischalniki and others.

This institution managed someterritories of the state. In addition, it actively organized the embassy. This executive body was the office of the government. Even the formation of the State Archive took place.

Among other things, the treasury was a reliable repository of treasures with the property of princes. At the head of the governing body were two treasurers, assisted by printers.

insurance treasury

As a conclusion

This word by its definition inspires peopletrust and reliability. It is associated with a huge mountain, which can neither be bypassed, nor can it be moved or moved. Therefore, it is used by many modern firms, using for the name. An example is the "Northern Treasury" - an insurance organization. Only blindly trust the names are not worth it. It is necessary to study their history properly.