Money... No matter how you treat them, they are a necessity in the life of each of us. But the heirs of the oligarchs are one, and only a few can win the lottery. Therefore, for most of us, the question is acute: "How to make money without starting capital?"

how to make money without starting capital
Let's remember the anecdote: "How did I get rich? I had an apple. I sold it and bought two. I sold two, I bought four. Then he opened his shop. Then the store. And then the millionaire uncle died and left me his fortune. "The fact that you can quickly find a fortune only with lucky (for you) coincidences of circumstances .The rest of the ways require either investments, or hard work. How to earn money without starting capital?

Remember, as in "Prostokvashino" Uncle Fyodor reasonablyoffers "to sell something unnecessary ..." So, the sale of their property, of course, can bring income quickly, but on condition that we have it.

how to earn money online
If it does not exist, or we can not afford itto lose it, then again and again the question arises: "How to make money?" Without starting capital, it's difficult to start anything. But we have the most valuable capital: skill, desire and time. The number of people interested in how to make money on the Internet, is growing rapidly from day to day. And not by chance: the network allows us to sell ourselves.
how to make money on the phone
No, there is nothing wrong with this: because in the same way, every day coming to work, we are doing it. In exchange for our knowledge, skills, time, we receive banknotes. But the Internet allows you to earn money on your phone, computer, just for life, without leaving home.

So, let's do an audit of what we have "inreserve. "If we do not have any special skills, but we have a lot of free time, then for sure we will be able to make money on it." Where and how? For example, posting in forums. For paying messages more often a few cents, but if you write a lot and Interestingly, the owner of the forum, trying to unleash his site, will appreciate this, and maybe he will offer to become a moderator: immediately the level of payment rises.The other two online professions, helping to understand how to make money without starting capital, - an employee of online chat or the group administrator in social networks.Note that the resources you visit always have support that is ready to answer your questions.The list of problems and their solutions is, of course, given to such an employee.However, he can work remotely while being in another city or even a country.The most important requirement - to be online at a specific time.The group manager in social networks is another idea how to make money without starting capital.There is only a desire to communicate and a fantasy that will allow the community to expand and acquire new fans.

If these professions are not to your liking, but youknow how to correctly and colorfully express your thoughts, you can become a copywriter or a rewriter. The first writes original texts for sites, online publications, magazines. The second source makes a unique text. Sometimes you need to look for the sources yourself, sometimes they are provided by the customer. The beginning author can be recommended to look for customers on stock exchanges of articles and freelancers' portals. Work through the site is insured first of all by the copywriter: it guarantees that if the text is written qualitatively and competently, the author will receive his reward. Then, when you already have a name, you will receive direct, more expensive orders from serious partners. But it's better to start on the stock exchange.

There are many opportunities for earning in the network: this is the services of the designer, and programming, and site administration. Of course, time and purposefulness is needed to develop these types of activities, but if desired, nothing is impossible. "Facebook" also began as a local student network.