Insurance premiums in 2015 We have many adjustments, which it is useful to be aware of to everyone. Let's discuss this issue in more detail.

Understand in order. Federal Law No. 188 of June 28, 2014Significant adjustments were made to the Social Insurance Fund of Citizens of the Russian Federation, Federal Law of the Russian Federation No.212 of July 24, 2009, which deals with insurance contributions to the FIU, the Federal Fund of CHI (Federal Law No. 212). It refers to the introduction of numerous changes in certain legislative acts of the Russian Federation. The adjustments are directly related to compulsory social insurance.

What is the minimum number of employees required for reporting in the current year?

In 2015, the minimum quantity is reducedemployees, necessary for mandatory submission of reports, which in turn is submitted electronically. Now all calculations that are related to the paid and assessed premiums must necessarily be deposited by the payers in the RF FIU and the Social Insurance Fund in electronic form and with the number of workers in the state for the previous billing period of more than 25 people. This is discussed in the Federal Law of the Russian Federation No. 212, article 15 (part 10).

From the current year, the amount of insurance contributions is not rounded.

From January 1, 2015, contributions to the insurancethe organization that is subject to transfer to an extrabudgetary fund is now calculated in rubles and kopecks. This is described in more detail in the Federal Law of the Russian Federation №212, article 15 (part 7).

The calculation of the marginal base for calculating contributions to the insurance has been changed.

From this year will be a new procedure for calculatingthe maximum value of the base for calculating insurance premiums for those insured that pay remuneration, as well as other payments to individuals. With this order, you can learn more about the Federal Law of the Russian Federation №212, article 8 (part 5.1 and part 5.2).

Between 2015 and 2021, the Russian governmentThe Federation will approve the limit of such a base and will not lose sight of the size of the average earnings, which increases by twelve times, as well as the increasing coefficient. The value of this coefficient for each year of the period mentioned above is stipulated by the Federal Law of our country No. 212, Article 8 (part 5.1). In 2015, the value of the coefficient is 1.7.

But the former remains the order of rounding: The amount exceeding five hundred rubles will be rounded to one thousand rubles; The amount that will be less than five hundred rubles will be discarded accordingly. This can be found in detail in Federal Law No. 212 of the Russian Federation, Article 8 (Part 5, Part 5.1. (Paragraph three), Part 5.2.).