Every year the number of transactions withreal estate, especially in large cities. Someone needs to rent / rent a house, someone plans to buy or sell real estate profitably. Each of these processes requires a competent approach and comprehensive knowledge of the nuances of a procedure, and this applies to representatives of both parties to the transaction. Before agreeing on the details, you need to find the second party (seller, landlord, buyer, etc.). Independently not everyone is able to cope with this task, and it's scary, because so many scammers are trying to cash in on real estate transactions with "easy" money today.

the broker is

The broker comes to the rescue in this situation. It is a person who will become an intermediary between the parties in the matter of exchange, lease or sale of real estate. As a rule, he has professional knowledge in this field, has extensive experience in carrying out a variety of transactions (both in terms of features and complexity) and the connections that have been established. It is thanks to the fact that the broker is a person who maintains continuous contacts with sellers and buyers of real estate of different categories and is well-versed in this market, he will quickly find the most suitable option according to your requests and financial possibilities.

apartment broker

What are the advantages of including a thirdparticipant? After all, it has its own interest (in monetary terms), which will eventually increase the cost of real estate transactions for both parties. In fact, the first reason is that it is the apartment broker that makes the transaction possible (that is, reduces the buyer and the seller, the lessor and the tenant). The second reason is that the goal of its work is a result that will be beneficial to each of the parties (that is, the broker helps to agree on the terms of the transaction). Third, as a rule, the conclusion of a contract with the participation of an intermediary is more secure, that is, each participant is insured against losing his money. Agree, these reasons are worth paying for them.

What the broker receives is a commissionremuneration (usually charged on two sides, less often on one). And if this person is really a professional of his business, with rich experience and established connections, he earns on such deals very well. By the way, as a broker can act and a real estate agency (which is a realtor). Contacting the office or private person is a personal choice of each, in both cases there are pros and cons (which, however, depend on specific firms and specific brokers).

broker house

What other objects does the broker work with? Houses and apartments are not the only items of transactions in which the intermediary participates. It can be the link between the two owners (the present and the future) of anything. Surely everyone knows (at least for foreign films) stockbrokers, who manage the quotations of exchange rates and securities. Here they register the oral consent of the brokers of the seller and the buyer for the transaction.


There are brokers and in insurance, where they becomeintermediaries between the insurer and the insured. They can be insurance agents. A commercial broker is a person who helps to sell / buy any goods or services profitably. In each of these cases, the result of the mediator's work is the conclusion of the most beneficial agreement (deal) for all, and for him, getting a decent reward.