"Nikitinsky Manor" is the area of ​​the northerncapital, which is gradually built up low-rise buildings for more than 15 years. And a huge number of people have become property owners here. To make such a decision they were pushed by different reasons.

Quality, progress, a decent standard of living

Nikitinskaya Manor
"Nikitinsky Manor" is a newsolution, a progressive version of the development of St. Petersburg. There are no typical "anthills" - multi-storey houses. And because there is no gas and air pollution, noise. The architecture of the area is in perfect harmony with nature. Each house has good consumer characteristics. The indicators of price and quality in this case are combined in the best way. The inhabitants of the area are socially homogeneous. They have similar views on how modern housing should be. It is safe and comfortable here due to the presence of good neighbors.

Safety and Nature

Nikitinskaya manor-house St. Petersburg
Club houses in the area use systemscontrol and safety. In its territory there are CCTV cameras. This is necessary to ensure the safety of residents. Random people here are few - almost everyone knows each other in person. All the charm of a low-rise district is that the quality of life in it corresponds to high European standards. "Nikitinskaya Manor" is located on a hill. Here grow old trees, there is a park, a square, a pond. Excellent ecology is another reason to choose this area for living. Silence and fresh air allow not to close the windows at night, enjoying peace.

Location and status of the district

Nikitinskaya manor reviews
At the beginning of the 19th century, Alexey's mansion was located hereNikitin is the hero of the war of 1812. And the building of this manor is now considered a monument of federal significance. Each street of the district is imbued with a peculiar spirit of olden days, spaciousness, Russian way of life. "Nikitinsky Manor" is located in the developed part of the northern capital. Nearby are hypermarkets, numerous shops, medical centers. There are also several stadiums, parks, a huge number of playgrounds. It is easy to get to the city center from here - it's realistic to do in just 20 minutes. Transport accessibility is one of the reasons for choosing this area for living.

Quality and high technology

"Nikitinskaya mansion" reviewspositive and enthusiastic also because houses are built entirely of brick. This creates a comfortable microclimate in the apartments. After all, brick is a material that is refractory, durable, non-toxic, creates good sound insulation. The corporation that builds up this area, all the time improving and improving the methods and technologies used in doing so. Heating in the apartments is autonomous, the water purification system is efficient, natural ventilation, double-glazed windows on the windows are modern.

A few more "for"

Attracts the presence of parking lots equipped forland. You can also organize the space of the apartment at your own discretion, because the house design assumes the invariance of engineering support and a flexible layout. Apartments here for every taste - from one-room to multi-level, the area of ​​which is over 700 square meters. "Nikitinsky Manor" St. Petersburg truly adorns and ennobles.