Lombard is a microfinance organization,which issues loans with a fairly low interest rate against the collateral of the borrower's property. Pawnshops of Nizhny Novgorod work according to the principles generally accepted in the state. You can apply to them in case of financial problems.

What can I take to pawn shops in Nizhny Novgorod

Previously, in such organizations on bail tookonly products made of precious metals, namely gold and silver. So it was in the tsarist and soviet times. Taking into account the dynamic development of civilization, pawnshops significantly expanded the assortment of property, which people who want to get money in debt can bring and pass.

pawn shops of Nizhny Novgorod

An exhaustive list of property that pawn shops of Nizhny Novgorod accept, looks like this:

- jewelry;

- watches (mechanical, electronic);

- household and digital equipment (mobile phones, televisions, tablets, laptops, washing machines, etc.);

- diamonds;

- fabrics and fur products;

- things that represent antiquarian value.

pawn shops of Nizhny Novgorod reviews

The order of registration of the transaction and conditions of crediting

Note that the transaction in the pawnshop is easy to arrange. Any full-time citizen of Russia can become a client. Specialists under the age of 18 can not take things to the pawnshop, as legally they are not yet responsible for their actions. For registration of documents it is necessary to show a passport.

Getting a loan in a lombard is easier than in a bank. Why? In the pawnshop the client brings a concrete thing, which in case of non-payment of the loan is taken away for sale. When registering a consumer loan at a bank, the customer does not always purchase the goods, but can also ask for cash in cash. Therefore, the bank is more attentive to the formalization of such contracts. The probability of failure is much greater than in the pawnshop.

Lombards in Nizhny Novgorodmonth, week, two weeks or at the request of the client. For each day of using the loan, the customer pays interest. The stakes may be different and lately there has been a downward trend. In the numerical equivalent, people pay a pawnshop commission of 0.25-0.35% of the cost of goods per day.

Pawnshops of Nizhny Novgorod: addresses

This Russian city is very large, soCredit organizations that issue money on the security of property are located in each district. For example, in Avtozavodsky district clients can address to such addresses:

- Yanka Kupala, 10a ("Lord-NN"), you can call here by calling 831-256-32-01;

- Yanka Kupaly, 2 ("Crystal"), contact phone number 915-938-92-35;

- Leskova, 40;

- Leskova, 6.

pawn shops of Nizhny Novgorod address

In the Leninsky district there are more than 10 pawnshops. Many of them operate around the clock, which is very important for customers, because people may need money and late at night (for example, if a relative is in hospital). Basically, all the pawnshops of Nizhny Novgorod (phones are not in all institutions) in this district are located along Lenin Avenue (rooms 32a, 40, 48, 59). Phone number of the company "Your pawnshop" - 831-2180115. Call the pawnshop "Roin" customers can call 831-413-81-16. In "Watchmaking" you can also call 831-245-15-98. Even on the phone the client will be able to obtain objective information about the collateral value of his property. Those who wish can also go to the site of pawnshops in Nizhny Novgorod. In the Leninsky district there are credit organizations that have a resource on the Internet (for example, information about the pawnshop "Zarechye" can be found on the websites on the network). On the resource, customers will find contact details of the organization, loan conditions, customer reviews and much more.

Pawnshops in the Moscow district of the city

To date, in the Moscow region of Nizhny Novgorod there are 7 pawnshops. I would like to bring their addresses and phone numbers for the convenience of potential customers:

1) Moscow Highway 126 (telephone 831 218 02 35).

2) Moscow Highway 122 (telephone 800 333 12 20).

3) st. Berezovsky, 110 (831 224 18 77).

4) st. Berezovsky, 111 (915 952 88 10).

5) st. Gaidar, 40 (8313 34 33 87).

6) Gaidar, 51a (800 100 05 09).

7) Gaidar, 59 (800 333 12 20).

pawn shops of Nizhny Novgorod telephones

Paying attention to these addresses, we seethe concentration of pawnshops in certain streets. It is not necessary to attach special importance to this fact, because in principle such organizations are opened closer to a larger number of clients.

What customers say about pawn shops in Nizhny Novgorod

Customer feedback is mostly positive, becausehere work for the benefit of people. Of course, some customers complain that they received too little loan amount, although they were counting on more, but in that case they will have to return less then!

In their reviews, customers note the convenient time for them to work most pawnshops (round the clock or until late).