Today there is no such person who would not likerelax from the city bustle, change the apartment to your own home outside the city, drowning in greenery. This can help the state mortgage. Recently, the construction of houses outside the city has become unthinkable. This and cottage settlements with buildings of the same type, and standing alone houses, made for a special project. As it may seem at first glance, any citizen can easily realize his dream. But in fact, this is not quite so - you need to think over every little thing, from choosing a decent contractor to posting communications and landscaping. The municipal housing fund in this will not always be able to help. Unfortunately, this can not be changed.

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Very often, public housing stockoffers a choice of several options - the construction or purchase of a ready-made house. When choosing a company for construction, it is mandatory to inquire about the experience and to see the portfolio with the implemented projects. Any construction process begins with design. In this situation, the public housing fund will be able to give good advice.

At this stage, think very carefullyonly the very construction of the structure, but also its placement according to the landscape. It is worth thinking about laying all the necessary communications and a convenient entrance to the house. The state housing fund can offer a standard project, and can be drawn up in accordance with the wishes of the customer. But in the second case it is advisable to get a consultation of a civil engineer and an architect. At the second stage, all the relevant documents are drawn up. Here, too, support for construction specialists is not a problem. Moreover, if it is supposed to be built near a reservoir or other protected natural area.

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Now it's worth taking care of the material selection. Here, the public housing stock also has an opinion. For construction outside the city, mostly choose wood and brick.
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Houses made of bricks are considered to be more reliable,durable, compared to wood, they are less afraid of fire. This structure perfectly retains moisture and allows you to easily vary the relief and shape, it would be just a fantasy. The disadvantages of brick building are the following: the laboriousness of the masonry, the large consumption of the mixture for fixation and the rather high cost.

How can the state housing fund,many people choose buildings from wood. Unlike a brick, cement mortars and other mixtures will not be needed to build wood. A wooden house is erected quickly and easily. In addition, it is worth noting the environmental friendliness, the creation of a unique atmosphere of comfort and warmth, as well as healing properties. The disadvantages include increased combustibility, which can be reduced with the help of special solutions. Nevertheless, it is always possible to select the most suitable state property for a mortgage. Sometimes for a young family this is the most suitable way out for solving housing problems.