In the past few years, the Russian credit marketis experiencing a real boom. This is due to minor changes in the legislation of the state and the struggle of financial organizations for the consumer. The Russian Standard Bank, whose deposits and loans are issued with frightening simplicity, is today one of the fastest growing in the Russian Federation.

bank Russian standard deposits
This organization was founded in 1999 andis named for the company - the main shareholder. In addition to CJSC "Russian Standard", the International Financial Corporation is part of the shareholders. Today, this bank is an institution of a very high degree of reliability, offering financial services, the level of which is not only comparable with the global one, but is oriented to a very wide layer of consumers.

A clear business strategy and application of the newesteconomic methods helped to tightly occupy their niche in consumer lending to an organization such as the Russian Standard Bank. Deposits and loans serviced by him allowed the company to get high ratings from international agencies: Moody's and Standard & Poor's. The organization is constantly looking for new ways to increase its capital and every year increases its statutory fund. In addition, she participates in the deposit insurance program, which gives her clients confidence in the future.

Russian Standard Bank: deposits

bank Russian standard deposits interest

The financial organization provides itscustomers a lot of ways to save or increase their money. Specially for them, several groups of deposits were developed. Deposits in one group allow you to receive high interest for a long-term investment. The main feature of such deposits is that the money from the account can not be withdrawn before the expiration of the contract. In any other case, the client will receive virtually no profit. There are other deposit programs offered by the bank "Russian Standard". Deposits, interest on which are received on an account on a monthly basis, are also convenient for customers. They can either be capitalized - added to the deposit account and receive more money already in the next reporting period - or taken as income. There is also a third group in which the deposit rate is low, but the client is free to replenish the account and withdraw money from him when he wants it.

The Russian Standard Bank, whose deposits can be divided into several groups, provides the following interest rates on its deposits:

  1. "Maximum" - 4,5-6,75% of US dollars, 10,5-12,75% of rubles.
  2. "Rentier" - 4,5-6,5% of US dollars, 10-12,5% of rubles.
  3. "Convenient" - 10.5-10.5% rubles.

bank Russian standard deposits 2013

To make a deposit, you must provide a valid passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation and reach the legal age. In our country he is 14 years old.

The dynamics of the company's development shows that anyevents in the financial world will not be stopped by the bank "Russian Standard". The contributions of 2013 allowed this organization to increase the number of its assets by more than a third. This indicates the high qualification of the bank's employees and excellent quality of service. Managers are always ready to help the client on any issue, and the registration of a credit card or bank account is easy and at ease.