The main business tool isAccounting. This is the main mechanism for managing all processes: from production to sale of products. It promotes the development of production, planning, analysis and forecasting.

accounting of materials

The main link in conducting accounting at the enterpriseis the accounting of materials. This is an integral part of the property of the enterprise, which is necessary for the successful existence and development of its activities.

Materials are involved in the production sphere and are its basis. They provide the process of output and participate in the formation of value.

Accounting for materials can affect the effectiveness ofthe activity of the enterprise as a whole, on its correct organization depends the definition of the need for production in various materials. Rational supply of them leads to a reduction in costs, increased financial results, coherence of all processes. Excess stocks of materials lead to freezing of monetary resources and inhibition of their turnover. The enterprise incurs losses due to additional funds necessary for storage and storage, the property tax is significantly increased. Failures in production can result in a shortage of necessary materials, which will affect the timing of the company's obligations to produce. Both cases have a negative impact on the financial result and lead to a decrease in profits.

accounting posting materials

Material accounting performs the following main tasks:

- control of the safety of resources;

- compliance of reserves with standards;

- control over the organization of supply of production of materials;

- Calculation of actual costs for the procurement of materials;

- distribution of the cost of materials for costing items.

Material resources participate in the productionprocess only once. Their cost is completely transferred to the created products. In this they differ from fixed assets. Accounting for materials allows the timely renewal of inventories.

In the production cost of production, material resources are significant. Qualitative accounting of materials and rational expenditure affect the increase in the financial performance of the enterprise.

accounting of materials

Goods are received onthe basis of the supply contract. Accountancy on the basis of accompanying documents makes the account of materials. Postings reflecting receipt to the warehouse from the supplier:

Дт 10 Кт 60.01 - Goods receipt to the warehouse from the supplier.

19.3 / 60.01 - the amount of VAT related to the received materials.

68.2 / 19.3 - the amount of VAT refunded from the budget.

60.01 / 51 - the amount of repayment of the debt to the supplier for the goods received.

60.02 / 51 - advance payment to the supplier for the future delivery of goods.

60.01 / 60.02 - the amount that reflects the payment to the supplier of the previously listed prepayment.

If the materials are purchased by the accountable person, then the posting is made:

71 / 50.01 - issuance of money from the cash department of the enterprise to the accountable person.

10/71 - the amount of goods received from the accountable person.

19.3 / 71 - VAT on the goods received.