Before turning to the question of what constitutes personal insurance and its types, it is necessary to dwell on what includes the basic concept and types of insurance.

Insurance - relationships aimed at protectingmaterial interests of individuals and organizations in the performance of certain events, which are called insurance cases. Insurance is a way of reimbursing incurred losses, at the expense of the insurance company on the basis of an insurance contract with prescribed risks. An insurance contract is an agreement between an insurer (an insurance organization) and an insured (an individual or a legal entity), on the basis of which the policyholder is obliged to pay certain insurance premiums, and the insurer undertakes damages in the event of an insured event.

Types of insurance: compulsory and voluntary; property, personal and civil liability. In this case, each species has certain subspecies, for example, property insurance is divided into insurance of property interests of legal entities (organizations) and individuals (specific citizens). Having analyzed the basics of insurance business, i.e. having considered the basic concept and types of insurance, we will dwell in more detail on what is personal insurance and its types.

Personal insurance or life insuranceis aimed at protecting individuals when insurance events occur. The main risks, the occurrence of which is undesirable for a particular insured, but it is quite possible, such:

- disability (partial or complete),

- temporary disability

- death.

As a rule, as a beneficiary forsuch agreement is the policyholder, only in the event of death, another person should be appointed as beneficiary. In the event that the beneficiary is not registered in the contract, then at the onset of the risk, death shall be paid to the heirs according to law.

Personal insurance and its types in different insurance organizations has its own peculiarities and differences. The main types, however, include:

- insurance from the National Assembly,

- insurance of those who travel abroad,

- HOA - long-term life insurance,

- insurance for accumulation

- and many others.

Let's consider in more detail types of insurance in tourism.

Varied types of insurance in tourismdue to the fact that going to another country a person can face various circumstances, and they in turn are associated with increased danger, because a person is in unfamiliar surroundings and in an alien environment. Therefore, such insurance is designed to protect citizens as much as possible, traveling abroad from the widest range of hazards. Different insurance companies offer different types of insurance. Therefore, it is important for everyone who leaves the country to study all possible sources of risk in the area where he is going, and on the basis of the factors he has chosen to choose his own insurance cover.

Classification of travel insurance includes insurance:

1. The tourist and his property.

2. Risks of tourist firms.

3. Personal insurance of a tourist.

4. Foreign tourists.

5. GO car owners.

6. NC with coverage of medical expenses for treatment and medicines.

Thus allocate insurance:

- Obligatory - car owners and transport vehicles.

- Voluntary - all other kinds.

At the time of the conclusion of such a touristinsurance contract, it is determined not only the specific personal insurance and its types, but also the amount for which a person is insured is selected depending on the country of destination, and then classified in accordance with the mandatory minimum coverage.