In order to reduce the load duringof the reporting period, tax inspections strongly recommend switching to the submission of declarations in electronic form. This method significantly saves time for taxpayers and greatly simplifies reconciliation of necessary payments and charges.

Electronic reporting has several advantages

delivery of reports in electronic form

Reporting sent via electronic channelshas a number of advantages over paper documents. Despite the fact that the services of a specialized operator will have to give a certain amount of money every month, the submission of reports in electronic form is beneficial for the company.

First, if an electronic document is not neededduplicate on paper, then the costs for stationery and archiving of reports are reduced. Stored reports are also stored electronically and, if necessary, printed out from the program. Secondly, postage costs are reduced and there is no need for courier services. All these cost items are an important part of the cost of goods or services performed by the company.

When submitting a declaration through a specializedthe program eliminates the need for a thorough check of each figure. In case of discrepancy of digital ratios, the program itself will tell you where to look for the error.

Tax reports in electronic form alwayssurrender on topical forms, as the program is constantly loaded with all the changes in legislation. When the old form is loaded, the system will report a format mismatch.

Additional possibilities of electronic document circulation

annual report

Connection to electronic document management givescompanies have a number of advantages that will be very useful in their work. Users of the system have the opportunity to receive extracts from the register of legal entities, order certificates on the absence of debts, conduct desk audits remotely. Electronic reporting considerably saves the working hours of the accountant and allows you to be aware of all changes related to the receipt of documentation and payments.

All sent reports are sorted by datedispatch and calendar periods. Also in the program all business correspondence received from funds and controlling bodies is stored. In order to protect electronic information, the program makes a backup, and in case of a failure - the restoration of lost data.

What is attractive about electronic reporting?

FSS report in electronic form

For convenience of work with electronicdocument circulation and attract new customers, specialized operators offer such a service as the sending of SMS notifications in case of messages or changes in the status of the reporting. Also, to optimize the work in large accounts, a multi-user version of the program is installed with the ability to submit several reports at the same time.

Regardless of the form of ownership and typeaccounting users can form any unformalized requests to the funds and tax inspection. According to the procedure for processing the received documentation, the taxpayer must receive a response about acceptance of the document and redirection of it to the executive department.

How to become a user of electronic document management?

a report to the FIU in electronic format

In order to become a member of the electronicdocument circulation, it is necessary to conclude an agreement with the tax inspection. The document will describe in detail the conditions for the transfer of data, the procedure for resolving disputes. After that, the company chooses a specialized operator, which will carry out the data transfer.

Reports transmitted through communication channels,must be signed with an electronic-digital signature, which can be obtained from the certifying center. Such a key allows you to accurately identify incoming documentation. EDS has a certain period of validity, after which the key is updated and prolonged remotely, the submission of reports in electronic form is resumed. Such a measure was invented for security and additional protection of information.

Depending on the size and needs of the companyyou can choose the most suitable package of services. If the company only issues a quarterly and annual report, then there is no need to buy the entire range of services, providing for the monthly delivery of documents. Also, the taxpayer has the opportunity to use the services of a third-party organization that handles the delivery of reports. In this case, you do not need to sign a contract with the operator and purchase a computer program.

For more information,contact the official websites of the regulatory authorities and read the detailed instructions and recommendations there. For example, it is possible to submit a report in the FSS electronically for free, having received a personal digital signature.

Filing of zero reporting in electronic form

reports to the tax in electronic form

Zero reporting should be submitted for generalgrounds with basic documentation. Despite the fact that there are no accruals in the documents, for failure to provide such documentation to the organization, a fine will be imposed. Reporting in electronic form greatly facilitates the work of the accountant and saves time. In addition, this method disciplines the taxpayer and helps avoid penalties. This is especially important in the beginning of the company.

Reporting in the pension fund for two minutes - it's real

Accounting reporting to the Pensionfund, is the most important, because on the basis of the submitted data the fund receives information for calculating the future pension. The report to the FIU in electronic form is submitted through a specialized telecommunications operator and signed by the EDS. The sent calculation is preliminarily accepted for verification, and in case of an error, the fund notifies the taxpayer. Such communication helps to rationally use the working time and correct inaccuracies in time.

The annual report is a rather difficult time forany accountant. With the advent of electronic document delivery, everything has become much simpler. Every year the number of users of this service is growing, so companies that have not yet connected to electronic document management should hurry.