To date, because of low rates, compared to other loans, the most popular social consumer loans in Sberbank.

social consumer loans

The disadvantages of obtaining loans in the Savings Bank

However, along with the advantages of such programsthere are also disadvantages of taking a loan in Sberbank. The most significant of them can be considered a long decision-making time and a huge number of references, which confirm the borrower's income.
Virtually all credit programs of thisbank institutions require the presence of guarantors. That is, obtaining a consumer loan without a person who can vouch for you and in case of your insolvency to pay a loan is impossible! Even so-called social consumer loans without collateral exist only on paper. Usually the amount of loans varies from 15-16 thousand rubles to 40-45 thousand rubles. If you have one surety, the amount will increase from 45,000 rubles to 300,000 rubles, and if you have two guarantors, you can expect to receive from 300,000 to 750,000 rubles.

receipt of consumer credit

What is meant by securing a loan

The guarantee of individuals who have a stable and officially confirmed earnings, or a guarantee of legal entities. Pledge in the form of real estate, car, bullion and securities.

In addition, consumer loans without certificates Sberbank does not issue, leaving this hopeless, from the point of view of bank management, the enterprise to the share of commercial banks.

How to get a loan

As everyone knows, social consumer loansrequire the presence of certain documents of the borrower. In the case of Sberbank, the package of documents is traditionally standard, however, it can be extended (which often happens) in case of suspicion of your solvency from a bank employee.
Passport and TIN, application, application form are the minimum documents that may be required.

consumer loans without certificates

Help for working citizens in the form of personal income tax,for pensioners - a certificate of the amount of pension they receive, for entrepreneurs - a package of documents confirming the solvency is very broad (accounting report for the specified period, statements from the tax, lists of accounts payable and receivable, certificate of PBOYUL and others). It must also be taken into account that all the same documents and certificates must be provided to the guarantors. If there is a subject pledge, then you also need to bring certificates confirming your right to own it. For real estate - this is the passport of the owner and the contract of purchase, for motor vehicles - the technical passport, etc.

The minimum loan amount for consumer needsis 40-45 thousand rubles for Muscovites and 15 thousand rubles for residents of other regions. It should also be noted that if you needed an amount that is less than the minimum, then there is no need to apply to Sberbank. A loan amounting to, for example, 30 thousand for Muscovites and 11 thousand for the remaining citizens will not be given to you. In this case it is easier to contact another bank.

Despite the disadvantages of Sberbank, we can conclude that social consumer loans with lower rates are hard to find!