Our compatriots prefer a holiday by the seanot in their own country, but at the resorts of European countries. This is due to low cost, the opportunity to open new horizons, change the climate and become familiar with the characteristics of another culture. Popularity is gaining rest in countries such as Bulgaria and Montenegro. This is explained simply: the magnificent climate, the sea, clean beaches, the richness of nature, the similarity of cultures and the language community contribute to relaxation and allow you to enjoy your holiday.

what is an apartment

What is an apartment abroad?

The concept of "apartments" has long been not frighteningthe assumption of an overstated cost of living or buying. On the contrary, it implies convenience and comfort. Living in private apartments has become a very convenient option for a vacation.

The analogue of apartments in Bulgaria and Montenegro are apartments with own kitchen, furniture, necessary equipment. They are different:

  1. Studio apartments. As a rule, they consist of one bedroom and a living room, with a kitchen block, the area - up to 40 square meters. m. Accommodates 2-4 people. Ideal for a small family.
  2. Two-room apartments have an area of ​​up to 90 square meters. m, consist of 2 bedrooms, living room and kitchen. It can accommodate up to 6 people.
  3. 3-4-room apartment. Their area exceeds 100 square meters. m, there are three or four bedrooms, separate living room, dining room and kitchen. Allow accommodation of up to 12 people, ideal for a company of friends or two families.

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What is an apartment in terms of amenities?

A distinctive feature of foreignreal estate is considered an infrastructure. Apartments in Montenegro on the coast, as well as in the resorts of Bulgaria, are located in houses with an additional service. Usually there is a concierge, security system, video surveillance, swimming pool, playgrounds for children, SPA-centers for adults, saunas, tennis courts. For the maintenance of such residential complexes, an additional charge is levied on the owner, as a rule, it is not very high, especially when compared to similar tariffs in Spain, France and Italy.

What is an apartment for purchase?

In recent years, abuying real estate in the resort countries. This is explained by the availability of prices, ease of registration of property, low maintenance costs. Apartments in Bulgaria and Montenegro can be leased, while it is not necessary to deal with this independently, the management company with which the service contract is signed will take care of this. It is possible to obtain a loan for the purchase of an apartment in Bulgaria, but in Montenegro such an opportunity is not yet foreseen, since the banking system is imperfect in the matter of debt collection from foreign borrowers.

Buying property provides goodinvestment and in terms of its resale. As the price increase index shows, every year there is a significant increase in housing prices in Bulgaria and Montenegro (both new and secondary).

apartments in Montenegro

What is a holiday apartment?

A great opportunity to rent an apartmentin a foreign country is given to families with children, large companies that do not want to adjust to the hotel schedule. This will allow you to choose the menu yourself, prepare the children the dishes that are necessary, calmly buy a bottle of delicious wine in the nearest supermarket and, sitting on the terrace overlooking the sea, enjoy the evening sunset. The removal of the apartment will cost cheaper than the rest at the hotel, as the fee is charged not for the person, but for the housing itself.

Certainly, in vacation abroad in their ownThe apartment has a lot of advantages. The only condition: it is worth considering the traditions and peculiarities of the way of life of the local population. Do not forget that each country has its own rules, and it is necessary to honor them.